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ubl-lcsc message

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Subject: draft agenda for LCSC meeting Tuesday April 8th

Sorry for not getting this out sooner.

Marion A. Royal
202.208.4643 (Office)
202.302.4634 (Mobile)
----- Forwarded by Marion A. Royal/MEB/CO/GSA/GOV on 04/08/2003 11:07 AM
                    "Tim McGrath"          To:     marion.royal@gsa.gov                                              
                    <tmcgrath@portco       cc:                                                                       
                    mm.com.au>             Subject:     draft agenda for LCSC meeting Tuesday April 8th              
                    04/06/2003 09:42                                                                                 

here is my template for tuesday's call...  if my cell phone is in range i
may call in but i wouldn't be able to chair - thanks for doing this

Please note that the next meeting of the UBL Library Content subcommittee
will be held on TUESDAY 18th March between 8 and 10a.m  California time (NB
California has now moved to Summer Time - check your timezone for the local


Call number is 877.494.5165. International number is 405.319.0674
Participant code is 133929.

NOTE: You may be placed on hold until Bill Meadows joins the call.

The agenda will be:

1. Welcome from Chair and  appointment of Secretary to take minutes.
2. Acceptance of previous minutes.
 - open action items

{{ need to get these from Anne or Bill }}

3. Work Plan for 1p00 release.
  - Analysis plans for face-to-face (Sue)
  - Modeling plans for face-to-face (Mike)
  - QA Team report (Marion)
         - 0p70 review comments to date
         - last week for comments
         - issues for discussion prior to face-to-face

4. Other Business

tim mcgrath
phone: +618 93352228
postal: po box 1289   fremantle    western australia 6160

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