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Subject: Summary of FPSC perspective of LCSC teleconference 2003-04-08

Summary of FPSC perspective of LCSC teleconference 2003-04-08

1 - to date only one comment in the 0p70_comments_20030404.sxc spreadsheet
     - comment c.1 line 77
     - FPSC to write up a disposition of the comment

2 - is a canonical presentation of instances needed so one does
     not need to look at angle brackets?
     - probably sufficient to have an indented exposition of content
     - does this need a formal specification or only a set of guidelines?
     - Ken to do some mockups

3 - what are LCSC requirements w.r.t. presentation?
     - new scenarios?  perhaps, but noted that would increase the size of
       the delivery
     - codelists?  are separate specifications desired of FPSC to document
       the presentation of enumerations found in code lists, or are the
       coded values to be presented verbatim?
     - note: UNeDocs has been working on XML expressions of code lists:
       - http://www.unece.org/etrades/unedocs/codelist.htm

4 - FPSC needs to know when revisions to document models are available
     - new document models needed
     - new instances of those document models needed
     - formatting specifications can then be modified based on changes
     - implementers can offer modified implementations of new formatting specs
     - discussion
       - the changes to models should be known by end of London F2F
       - two weeks later FPSC should be in a position to receive changes
         to begin specifying new formatting specifications and working
         with implementers

5 - documentation of scenarios vs. purpose of the spec
     - question arose as to the need for two "business" scenarios
     - indicated that each scenario treated instances that differed in their
       use of the constructs of UBL document models
       - office scenario - simple item breakdown
       - joinery scenario - complex item custom labeling and enumeration
     - should scenarios be named differently to indicate the use?
     - is this only an issue of documentation?
     - FPSC will discuss this and come up with a disposition

6 - FPSC requested LCSC summarize their list of expectations of FPSC
     - becomes a checklist for FPSC to know all the bases are covered

Action item summary:

  - from (1) - disposition of comment line 77 of 0p70_comments_20030404.sxc
  - from (2) - Ken to mock up XML content presentation
  - from (5) - disposition of naming and documentation of scenarios

  - from (6) - checklist summary of expectations of FPSC by LCSC

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