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Subject: Re: [ubl-lcsc] CCTS Implementation Verification MOTION TO PROCEED

OK, procedurally this means:

 - Marion, acting as chair of the LCSC in Tim's absence, has
   submitted this to the LCSC for an email vote.

 - The way this generally works is, if anyone has an objection,
   they have to register that objection within five days of
   Marion's submission 8 April, i.e., no later than COB 13 April
   2003, and if no objections are received, then the motion is
   adopted by common consent.

 - Then I turn around and submit it to the UBL TC, which if I
   don't drop the ball happens on 14 April and gets approved
   through the same process 20 April.

But jeez, I don't think the motion is at all controversial, so I'm
going to shortcut this whole thing by going directly to the TC.
If anyone has an objection, they can register it there.


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