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Subject: UBL 0p70 comment "c.1" regarding rendering of UBL instances


The FPSC recommends that nothing be added to the UBL document models in 
regard to the association of stylesheets.  There already exists a W3C 
Recommendation for the association of stylesheets and some tools already 
respect the practice as described.  Specifying an alternative mechanism 
would require different non-standardized machinery to be added to 
stylesheet-aware applications.

Supporting Comments

While stylesheets are indeed used for the presentation of information, the 
specification of a stylesheet provides no assurances to the sender of a 
document that the receiver of the document will be able to utilize the 
stylesheet, have the required processing software, identify and obtain all 
of the resources needed (e.g. logos, fonts, etc.) or have sufficient 
capacities on their particular processing platform to perform the 
transformation as desired.

Other technologies exist (e.g. Portable Document Format - PDF) to ensure 
the fidelity, integrity and security of presenting the information visually 
across platforms between sender and receiver.

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