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ubl-lcsc message

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Subject: Todays Call

  Todays call will be a joint NDR LC call.  The agenda is:


     NDR Issues:

         1.  QA of the Common Core Components document (Gunthers), we
have  not
  received an up to date document from Gunther yet, so we may not be
able  to
  start this.  But discussion will help.

         2.  QA of the Perl script.  Questions:  Does the schema reflect
 rules in the NDR document, and does the script put anything into the
 schema  that should be reflected in the NDR document?

LC Items

1. Status of issues given to NDR at Face-to-Face
    - punctuation rule
    - digital signatures
    - etc.. (anne has list)

2. Status of dependent Positions Papers
   -    Common Core Components (Gunther)

3. update on Action Items
20030506-01: Bill Respond to reviewers, with a suggestion that any
further comments be submitted as part of
the next review (0p80)
20030506-02: Bill will ask Anne for her issues list and collate it with
his and send it out to the group

20030506-04: Bill will, as soon as possible, rationalise the issue item
list he has now and send to Mike in
advance of Anne's items
20030506-06: Mike will complete his own action items, for which he needs
Anne's list (action 20030506-02)
20030506-07: Mike will, as soon as possible, release the spreadsheet
back to Bill for others' use
20030506-08: Tim – editorial changes week commencing 18th May
20030506-09: Tim and Mike – update the Rational model, ensuring it is
fully synchronised and rename it the
“conceptual model”
20030506-12: Lisa – arrange next week with NDR SC that we have the
CCType paper by 26th May at the
20030506-13: Peter, Tim to make a start on the Context drivers 'Address'
example and pass it to Sue
20030506-14: Sue to review work on the Context drivers 'Address' example

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