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Subject: Re: [ubl-lcsc] NDR Rule [R5]

When we say clarity, we mean....

a. the issue is not "XML names" but "UBL Names" - it is unclear what 
"XML names"(R5) and "Names" (R7) mean in this context.
b. neither R5 nor R7 prevent punctuation characters appearing in the UBL 
Name (and by definition the tag name derived from it).  for example 
apostrophe is not a separator (R5), the OED says it is spelt "e-mail" 
not "email"(R7).  we believe we want to avoid anything but a-Z and 0-9 
ever being used in UBL Names.  this aids consistency of naming and also 
avoids some of the syntacially issues with programming applications that 
generate the schemas.  

It seems we can identify and exclude each character individually (and 
argue about what 'non letter characters' mean) or just say "we only 
allow a to Z and 0 to 9" and be done with it.

NB as Mark points out the CCTS has its own rules which will apply to the 
Dictionary Entry Names, but that is not the major issue here.  the 
primary concern is what we are allowing in the UBL Name.

Lisa-Aeon wrote:

>In our NDR/LCSC joint QA Team meeting today we discussed the above rule
>which now reads:
>[R5]  XML names constructed from dictionary entry names must not include
>periods, spaces, or other separators.
>I went back and looked through the NDR document and found this:
>[R7]   Names must not contain non-letter characters unless required by
>language-specific rules.
>LCSC is looking for clarity.  Their issue is to make sure people do not use
>characters that also are used with processing applications, such as "-" "*",
>Do we need to make any changes, or is this sufficient for everyone?
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