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Subject: Re: [ubl-lcsc] LC meeting August 5th

| Not a dumb question.  I am indeed using the international number.
| I never had this problem *before* Montreal, so I was wondering too
| if one of the changes made for the meeting has caused the problem.

Well, this problem of Tony's is really quite a puzzle.  I dropped
in for a moment on today's NDRSC meeting to find Mavis and Stephen
connected from the UK and Gunther connected from Germany using the
same international number that drops Tony when he tries to call.
And Sue has reported separately that she is also using this number
successfully from the UK.

The only thing that occurs to me is to suggest (following a hint
from Bill Meadows) that the chair of the next call start a few
minutes early and poke around in the options to see whether the
feature that asks for people's names can be shut off.  Though the
fact that this doesn't seem to be creating problems for anyone
else makes me suspect that this is not the cause.


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