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Subject: [code] Minutes from code list teleconference 2003-08-14

The first meeting of the code list task group met for an hour 
teleconference 2003-08-14 at 11:00EDT/8:00PDT/15:00Z.

Present were: Jon Bosak, Gunther Stuhec, Tony Coates, Lisa Seaburg, Eve 
Maler and Ken Holman (chair).  I was remiss in asking someone to take 
minutes and I have only a few notes to work from.

The call for participation for this task group was posted to the main UBL 
mail list:


The focus of this initial meeting was to establish the objectives of the 
task group.

Eve identified the classification scheme of the ebXML registry as a 
workable candidate for maintaining the meta data for each coded value.  Eve 
will send links to Ken for Ken to present an example to the group.

Jon asked for clarification on what the normative code list document would 
contain.  It was thought the document would describe where code lists are 
found, how they and their supplementary information are defined, and 
provide education or a simple manual in their use.

Tony observed that the use of xs:appinfo is not necessarily supported in 
some tools and that only an externally supplied file would ensure all 
applications treated the supplemental information in the same way.

Gunther outlined an idea he has for a general definition of a code list, 
and he will post to the list the details of his idea.

In retrospect, I realized we did not have a discussion of NDR input posted at:


This input reminds us we need to supply enough "internal and external" code 
lists to make the UBL core schemas "viable".  In Montréal a discussion 
regarding this included comments that a set of placebo values for 
non-standardized code lists would give an indication to users of the 
customization needed to be done privately to create a set of coded values 
meaningful in their particular trading environment.  This will necessitate 
that we catalogue the needed code lists and identify someone responsible 
for proposing a code list fragment to use for each.

The next teleconference will be held 2003-08-28 at 
11:00EDT/8:00PDT/15:00Z.  Work is expected to take place over the LCSC mail 
list; please use [code] at the start of the subject for filtering purposes.

.................... Ken

p.s. on a personal note, I do *not* have the background in code lists for 
UBL that other group members have, so there were times during the call 
where I was taken a bit off guard by assumptions claimed to have been 
already resolved or discussed, and I had difficulty recovering or even 
recording these issues as they arose.  I understood not to have been asked 
to look at all aspects of code lists afresh but only the aspect of code 
lists with respect to maintaining supplemental information for each 
enumerated member.  To this end, I will try in another email message to 
clarify the objectives of this code list group.  The discussion in Montréal 
brought up the new point about the "viability" of "UBL out of the box" and 
the code lists necessary to make that work, and that was added to our 

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