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Subject: [QA] Minutes from 22 August

1. Welcome from Team Leader (Marion) and appointment of Secretary (Lisa)to
take minutes.

Attendees:  Lisa Seaburg, Marion Royal, Chee-Kai Kim, Sue Probert

2.  Overview from week:

 We let LCSC know about our naming conventions and there had been a few
questions and they agreed.

 This may affect some names within the branches and folders, we will look
for feedback from the groups.

 Chee-Kai brought up maybe using the "_"might not be following what we had
done in the past, we had been using "-".  We agreed to use the hyphen.

3. Branch Leaders

Overview of directory structure:
   xml (examples): Stephen Green, Bill Meadows
   xsd (schema):  Chee-Kai Chin
   sss (spreadsheets): Tim McGrath
   uml (models): Tim McGrath
   fs (formatting specs, samples): Ken Holman
    include external links to implementations
   asn (ASN from Paul and John): Paul
   bin (perls scripts and tools): Chee-Kai Chin, Gunther Stuhec
   index.html (Lisa Editor): Lisa Seaburg
   releasenotes.html (Lisa Editor): Lisa Seaburg

Sue brought up about the EDIFIX tool, which might be made available, its
under discussion.  GEFEG is responsible for the tool, and they are
discussing this with Sue Probert.  They need to be aware if they offer their
tool up that it has to be for free.

This is just information at the moment, we are encouraging them to join in
with the calls and see if it is something to follow up on.

4. Scheduling

 LC QA TEam is supposed to Review Models the first week in September.

 Chee-Kai thought that with the way the work is going we may not be able to
get schema yet.  If there is any change in the spreadsheet, outputting
schema is very fast right now.

 LCQA wants to see schema all the way through.  We will be aware that there
will be changes.  But Marion felt it would be easier to work through if we
have things sooner rather than later.

 ***Next week add the Index and Release Notes review.

 In the files names of the upcoming release, should we be naming the files
as they will be released?
  The file names probably won't change much.

 ***Versioning within the Name

 The first release to technical committee is it : 1.0-alpha
 When it goes formally to OASIS for vote:  1.0-beta
 After vote when released by Oasis as a specification it is: 1.0

 This is how we see it, we will check to make sure this is correct.

5.  Other Business


6.  Next Meeting

 Friday, 29 August, 2003 (Lisa will chair next week, Marion sends regrets)

Lisa Seaburg
AEON Consulting
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Email:  lseaburg@aeon-llc.com
Alternative Email: xcblgeek@yahoo.com
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Cellphone: 662-501-7676

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                       -Katharine Hepburn

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