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Subject: [code] Code list categories

Note the change in subject line and the removal of CSC.

I must say that this list is rather bracing.  It shows the extent
to which real interoperability will hinge on standardization of the
codes themselves.


   Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 11:03:30 +0800
   From: Tim McGrath <tmcgrath@portcomm.com.au>
   CC: ubl-csc@lists.oasis-open.org, ubl-lcsc@lists.oasis-open.org

   i am happy with that.  i think both of these are LC responsibilities, 
   but i suspect negotiating with code list providers may turn into a 
   Liaison issue.

   To get the ball rolling, might I suggest we have three categories of 
   codes being defined in the Library...

   a. code lists potentially 'owned' by external agencies (whether 
   maintained by UBL or not). These are generally recognised 
   internationally accepted codes.
   b. code lists that UBL could 'own', ie. we could provide some generic values
   c. code lists that are subject to negotation by partners using UBL, ie. 
   they either depend on the context or the business rules of 
   implementation. Or there are accepted alternatives such as EDIFACT or 
   X12 - which we may not want to enforce.

   i thought we had decided in Montreal that 'UBL out of the box' was not a 
   realistic option.  As many of these code sets will fall into category 
   (c.), the best we could do is provide examples that implementors can 
   modify to their requirements.

   i have attempted to categorise our current 'code sets' into the above 
   categories.  Of the 68 'codes' identified in the current UBL Reusable 
   Library, they split (roughly - this has yet to agreed by LC) ...

   a. code lists potentially 'owned' by external agencies (whether 
   maintained by UBL or not)
   Currency_ Code used in:
       Allowance Charge
       Exchange Rate
       Financial Account
      Tax Scheme
   Commodity Classification. Commodity. Code
   Country. Identification. Code
   Hazardous Item. UNDG. Code
   Hazardous Item. Emergency_ Procedures. Code
   Hazardous Item. Medical First Aid_ Guide. Code
   Hazardous Goods Transit. Transport Emergency_ Card. Code
   Hazardous Goods Transit. Packing_ Criteria. Code
   Hazardous Goods Transit. Regulation_ Code
   Hazardous Goods Transit. Inhalation Toxicity_ Zone. Code
   Language. Locale. Code
   Hazardous Item. Emergency_ Procedures. Code
   Transport Equipment. SizeType. Code

   b. code lists that UBL could 'own', ie. we could provide some generic values
   Communication. Channel. Code
   Document Identification. Status. Code
   Location Coordinate. Coordinate System. Code
   Location Coordinate. Latitude_ Direction. Code
   Location Coordinate. Longitude_ Direction. Code
   Order Reference. Status. Code
   Reference. Status. Code

   c. code lists that are subject to negotation by partners using UBL, ie. 
   they depend on the context and implementation
   Address. Country_ Subentity. Code
   Allowance Charge. Reason. Code
   Card Account. Type. Code
   Card Account. Customer. Code
   Card Account. Issue_ Number. Code
   Category Total. Rate_ Category. Code
   Commodity Classification. Cargo Type. Code
   Commodity Classification. Nature. Code
   Contract. Type. Code
   Credit Account. Account_ Identification. Code
   Delivery Terms. Risk Responsibility. Code
   Despatch Line. Status. Code
   Financial Account. Type. Code
   Invoice Line. Status. Code
   Line Item. Status. Code
   Line Reference. Status. Code
   Order Line. Substitution_ Status. Code
   Order Line Reference. Status. Code
   Party Tax Scheme. Tax Level. Code
   Party Tax Scheme. Exemption_ Reason. Code
   Payment Means. Payment_ Channel. Code
   Payment Terms. From_ Event. Code
   Period. Description. Code
   Physical Attribute. Position. Code
   Receipt Line. Status. Code
   Receipt Line. Shortage_ Action. Code
   Receipt Line. Reject_ Reason. Code
   Receipt Line. Reject_ Action. Code
   Receipt Line. Timing_ Complaint. Code
   Sales Conditions. Action. Code
   Shipment. Priority_ Level. Code
   Shipment. Handling_ Code
   Shipment Stage. Transport_ Mode. Code
   Shipment Stage. Transport_ Means Type. Code
   Shipment Stage. Transit_ Direction. Code
   Tax Scheme. Type. Code
   Transport Equipment. Provider_ Type. Code
   Transport Equipment. Owner_ Type. Code
   Transport Equipment. Disposition. Code
   Transport Equipment. Fullness_ Indicator. Code
   Transport Equipment Seal. Issuer_ Type. Code
   Transport Equipment Seal. Status. Code
   Transport Handling Unit. Type. Code

   I welcome feedback on these categorisations.

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