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Subject: Minutes of code list meeting 2003-08-28

Please find the minutes of the code list meeting posted here:


Of note from section 4.4:

It was decided that the code list task group is not responsible for 
creating the individual code lists, but only for cataloguing the needed 
code lists (for LCSC) and addressing the methodology of code lists covering 
validation (for NDR) and adjunct information (for FPSC).

Note that the cataloguing referenced above includes tracking of the status 
of the code lists.

A few key people were unable to attend the teleconference and it would help 
to have as much input as possible to the next teleconference next 
Thursday.  Unfortunately, now I am personally unable to make it next 
Thursday, but the work should be able to continue on the mail lists and the 
items not addressed yesterday can progress without my attendance.

A volunteer to chair the next teleconference is needed ... please let me 
know off list if you can step in.


................. Ken


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