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Subject: [code] Delay in testing adjunct methodologies

Hi folks,

I was presented late yesterday with a surprising state of affairs:


The current industry-accepted approach that would be appropriate for code 
list processing includes declaring defaulted and fixed attributes 
describing set properties of the code list for the information of 
processing applications.  We can see these in the proposed code list 
documents today and they fit expectations.

But the industry-available tools aren't there yet.

I think we will have to go with a flexible approach in the design and a 
hard-wired approach in the prototyping in order to progress development in 
this area.  As the tools catch up with the technology the prototypes can be 
changed to do as they should.


    - in XSD expression we can set an identifier for the adjunct information
      - probably should use a URN instead of a URI
    - in XSLT we can hardwire the identifier for the adjunct information
      - will need to point to and process an XML catalog to dereference
        an acceptable URI from the URN
      - users should be using a catalogue anyway for the URNs of the
        schema fragments

I'll progress with my prototyping in this direction.

...................... Ken

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