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Subject: [code] Agenda and prototype for tomorrow's meeting

Kavi is not working tonight so I am obliged to forward the agenda and 
prototype validation package by email.  I will post both when the system is 
working again.  I've submitted a problem report to the webmaster.

Code list task group members please look at the straw-man proposal ... we 
need to decide the technical approaches early.  I've tested my proposal and 
included working examples for use with MSV ... please try and shoot it 
down.  If it passes muster then we can base our submissions to NDRSC, LCSC 
and FPSC on what I think is working here as a basis for *all* of the code 

Alternatives *are* welcome ... perhaps Gunther if you could comment on the 
overlap between your proposal and my prototyping, please?  Thank you!

I've been focusing on mechanics ... if you see something really out of 
place, then it is my na´vetÚ of UBL rules and you need to fix it for me, 

I apologize that I am unable to make the meeting myself.  I'm at a pay 
phone for the FPSC meeting at 14:00 but back in my office on Friday to hear 
how well the code list task group meeting goes tomorrow.

Good luck!

...................... Ken
Title: Code list task group - Agenda 20030904 - 15:00UTC (11:00EDT/08:00PDT) - DRAFT

Code list task group - Agenda 20030904 - 15:00UTC (11:00EDT/08:00PDT) - DRAFT

$Date: 2003/09/04 06:35:22 $(UTC)

1.  Roll call and quorum

A roll of attendees will be taken, but there are no quorum requirements for this task group.

2.  Agenda

Please forward before the meeting any suggestions for agenda changes. This document will be republished repeatedly as new items get added.

3.  Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting are posted at:

4.  Reports of standing committees

Although we have not yet established our task group equivalent to a standing committee, I can think of the following areas that should be standing items for review at each meeting:

4.1.  Code list task group deliverables

No change in the list of deliverables.

4.2.  NDR rules related to code lists

Who will volunteer to write up and take the decisions of this group for NDR? At one point I thought Lisa was prepared to do this.

4.3.  FPSC guidelines related to code list member supplemental information

Who will volunteer to write up and take the decisions of this group for FPSC? At one point I thought Dan was prepared to do this.

4.4.  Code list catalogue

Anne has very kindly offered to maintain this catalogue. It will be delivered to LCSC as a roadmap to implementation of the decisions made by the code list task group.

5.  Outstanding action items

20030814-Action1 - Tony - supplemental file approach summary

20030814-Action2 - Gunther - namespace-based approach summary

  • summarize an approach and justification of using a namespace-based scheme for capturing information about a code list, rather than using attributes in a UBL instance

  • http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/ubl-lcsc/200308/msg00055.html

  • on a personal note, I think there is some confusion in my mind over Gunther's use of "supplementary information" and what we have been talking about for "supplemental information" for presentation purposes; I wonder if during the last teleconference there were others as confused as I was when this item was brought to our attention

6.  Agenda items

20030904-Agenda1 - review "code list straw-man 1 technical proposal"

  • Ken is unable to attend to present this document

  • at the time the document was prepared the Kavi system was unavailable to post documents and the package was distributed through the email list

  • the evolution of this document has the potential of being the record of the technical decisions of the code list task group, from which those members writing contributions to NDRSC, FPSC and LCSC

20030828-Agenda2 - supplemental non-validation information

  • a technical discussion on issues of maintaining supplemental information useful for presentation and other non-validation-oriented purposes

  • the lack of tool support is preventing meaningful experimentation in this area

  • some technical decisions highlighted in the straw-man proposal need to be addressed

7.  Action items

A review of all action items both from before the meeting and established during the meeting.

8.  Future meetings

The next teleconference will be September 11, 2003.

Important note: the meeting Thursday of next week should be the last teleconference of the code list task group, as we need to deliver our final results the following day to NDRSC, LCSC and FPSC

  • please be prepared to comment and contribute through the mail list between now and then

  • the next meeting should be a rubber stamping of the decisions and positions put forward through the week in the technical methodologies, as well as draft submissions to NDRSC, LCSC and FPSC based on those methodologies

9.  Adjournment

Meetings will be held to less than an hour's length.


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