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Subject: [code] Minutes of code list meeting 2003-09-04

Hi folks,

I've posted minutes I've written from Anne's notes (thank you, Anne!):


Below are my personal comments on the minutes and the issues brought up in 
the meeting.  I apologize again that I was not there to contribute these 
thoughts at the time.

To summarize my thoughts: adjunct files were only one aspect of what the 
code list group set out to do, the other two are code list definitions for 
NDR and code list catalogue for LCSC.  The straw-man implementation 
prototypes address the NDR and FPSC work and an upcoming straw-man 
catalogue from Anne will address the LCSC work.  I'll try to finish the 
straw-man 2 implementation prototype based on Steve's input, and will need 
Gunther's input to ensure I haven't messed his ideas up.  His comments 
recorded by Anne have shifted my perspective on the applicability of his 
paper, and I will have to look at it again.

.................. Ken

Re: NDR submission

  - code list adjunct methodology is *not* the only thing going to NDR, but 
also the code list typing methodology to support the standard, placebo, 
stock and private-use code list definitions
  - to reduce the amount of re-writing, perhaps the formal submission of 
this task group to NDR is just a summary of the posts related to the 
prototyping for NDR for them to include in their schema guidelines

Re: FPSC submission

  - again to reduce amount of re-writing, I can summarize the prototyping 
for FPSC and ask Dan to add it as part of his FPSC document

Re: LCSC submission

  - I see this as the largest submission: a skeleton spreadsheet(?) with 
the rows of the code lists and the columns of the various properties for 
LCSC to then flesh out and then LCSC utilize results for writing schemas 
and FPSC utilize results for writing adjuncts
  - how early can we get a straw-man report in order to give feedback in 
time for a finalized report?

Re: role of the adjunct file

  - I agree that there is a copy of the unique values in the schema 
fragment for use in validation and a second copy of the unique values in 
the adjunct file used for indexing the adjunct information to the values 
found in the schema fragment
  - when options for including adjunct information in the schema fragment 
were ruled out, this necessitated the copy of the unique values in the 
adjunct file for referencing purposes

Re: Gunther's namespace paper

  - the role of the namespaces for the code list definitions may support 
Gunther's submission to NDRSC
  - our submission will talk about the hierarchy of data types, and the use 
of unique namespaces for code list definitions ... they may be able to take 
advantage of that

Re: straw-man 1

  - due to *excellent* feedback from Steve, I am creating a straw-man 2
  - I think straw-man 2 will be the candidate we accept for basing our 
submission at the end of the week
  - many thanks to Steve for his feedback

Re: other business

  - re: Gunther's paper - I need to reread his paper because straw-man 1 
involved namespaces and the new straw-man 2 with Steve's improvements will 
also involve namespaces
    - Gunther, would you please look at straw-man 2 when it comes out 
(hopefully Monday)

  - re: XML Catalog - it is misleading to think that processing 
instructions need to be used, because users can invoke validation processes 
with command-line specification of the XML Catalog; what is nice about XML 
Catalog is that I think we can ship UBL "out-of-the-box" without an XML 
Catalog, or with an empty catalog, and advise users how they can build 
their own XML Catalog to do the overriding of code list definition schema 
fragments without having to do file copying

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