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Subject: [code] Straw-man 2 Code list proposal - candidate final

Hi all!

I've uploaded "Straw-man 2" as the candidate final content related to:

   (1) - the declaration of code lists in code list definition schema
         fragments (for NDRSC)

   (2) - the methodology of the end-user modification of the in-use
         code list definition (for LCSC)

   (3) - the methodology of declaring the code list adjunct file (for

Not included at this time and still being worked on is:

   (4) - the catalogue of UBL code lists (for LCSC)

The ZIP file with all of the content for (1)-(3) is at:


The details are described in the only HTML file in the package.

I've been able to test all of these live with Xerces C++ and I've included 
the test files and the transcription of running the test files, 
illustrating the three items.

The lack of maturity of W3C Schema PSVI aware XSLT 2 tools prevents me from 
illustrating the "next step" in code list adjunct files: the actual 
accessing of the file itself ... but that is out of scope of this report 
(but it would have been nice to have!).

With the addition of a section 5 describing Anne's contribution of the 
catalogue of code lists (for LCSC), I'd like the code list task group to 
"sign off" on these four items on Thursday so the resulting document can be 
"shipped" to NDRSC, LCSC and FPSC for their respective attention.

Many thanks *again* for Steve Green's critique of "Straw-man 1" and his 
suggestions for improvements.  I truly believe looking at running code 
helps to solidify ones thoughts on the concepts ... Steve's comments were 
thoughtful and cogent and I've incorporated them into this "Straw-man 2".

Gunther, I think our document is to the point now where you will be able to 
add your "union of two code lists in different namespaces" suggestions in 
NDRSC in concert with our proposed methodology.

Please take the time to critique "Straw-man 2" and make your suggestions 
for improvements ... we need to know if this is going to work as desired 
(do you agree with the tests that I've demonstrated?) ... without any 
changes we can see the beginning of the end of the code list task group effort.

If anyone in NDRSC or LCSC can make early comments before we finish, it 
would help us better now than after we deliver.  I won't be hurt or 
disappointed if you can improve on this, so please don't be shy.


.......................... Ken

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