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Subject: [code] updated code list catalogue


I've attached the latest revision of the code list catalogue.
Many thanks to Tim for getting this started with the original
code list names, to Ken Holman for answering all my questions
and providing clear descriptions for the column headings, and
to Stephen Green for rationalizing the names and for the
content on some of these columns.  I've included those latest
updates in this catalogue version.  What is here now should
include what  Ken has requested in email exchanges as well
as the recent changes/additions sent by Stephen.

Ken, thanks for including this in tomorrow's package for review.
Please, all, do review!

As I mentioned earlier, I'll be unable to attend the Thursday
codelist call and the Friday QA call since I'm on vacation
for the rest of the week.

If someone will keep track of any additional updates need
to be done to the catalogue I'll take care of those on Monday.




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