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Subject: [code] Code list task group proposal draft 2

Hello all,

Please find the minutes of today's teleconference at:


Having responded to the comments in the meeting, the following changes were 
made to the task group deliverables...


- identified and distinguished the role of an "implementer of UBL" who gets 
UBL working distinct from the "user of UBL" who creates UBL XML instances 
and uses them

- wordsmithing in various places

- reflected substantive technical changes regarding the removal of 
defaulted attributes used in draft 1

Experimental prototype:

- reflected substantive technical changes regarding the removal of 
defaulted attributes used in draft 1


- moved the potentially voluminous table cell of actual values to the 
right-most column to avoid cluttering and confusing the spreadsheet to the 
human reader

The Draft 2 of the code list task group final report is at:


The associated package of spreadsheets, stylesheets and illustrative 
prototypes is at:


Where to go from here:

The work of the code list task group is essentially complete, save for any 
editorial suggestions from anyone to help make the document contents and 
concepts clearer.  No technical changes are anticipated for the report of 
the task group.

NDRSC, LCSC and FPSC are welcome to comment on and feed back their 
interpretation of our report and the actions they undertake as a result of 
our report.  They are, of course, not obliged to follow through with our 
suggestions verbatim, but hopefully the work of this task group will be 
considered in the plans and action items of the various committees.

Thank you all for your input into this process.

.................. Ken

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