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Subject: UBL Schema 1.0 alpha draft-4

Here it is, a second run on schema generation.

For those who just started reading this, draft-2 and draft-3
were "draft" drafts that hadn't made it to the schema generation
stage before more changes had to be put in place.  So draft-4
is a second run on schema generation for 1.0-alpha.

Generally, there's no error observed during conversions
other than a work-around in (1).

A few observations and notes on suggested changes put in
place through schema generation tool (UBLish):

(1). ReceiptAdvice still has a GUID type reference as GuidType
     although the same for GUID type reference in Reusable has
     been already fixed to GloballyUniqueIdentifierType.

(2). Because of (1), the CoreComponentType.xsd has been added
     with a separate GuidType <complexType> that essentially
     mimics GloballyUniqueIdentifierType.  It is because of this
     that (1) didn't throw an "Unknown type error" during
     schema generation.  We should probably be fixing (1),
     and discuss whether it is good to keep the GuidType
     in CoreComponentType.

(3). Through some prior work, it was noted that there are
     fragments of metadata from the UN/ECE codelists that 
     are good to be kept in the UBL-ised stock codelist version.
     These are defined in CoreComponentParameters.xsd in this
     draft in order to permit holding such values in the annotation.

     Three (3) elements identified as new children to
     <ccts:Instance> so far are:

     Their values for the UN/ECE codelists are directly 
     copied from the start element of the codelists.

(4). Because of (3), it occurred to me that the same could be
     said of UBL Placebo, Standard and Stock codelists.
     Thus, these codelists are also "issued" with temporary
     values as placeholders wrapped with square brackets "[" and
     "]".  We would need to discuss what these values would be.

(5). A draft-4 of CodeListCatalogue.xml has been produced to 
     reflect updates in the new values of CodeListCatalogue.xls,
     whose headers and columns are still under refinement.

     The CodeListCatalogue.xml produced was generated from a
     column-rearranged, and header-corrected spreadsheet that
     otherwise shares the same content as the CodeListCatalogue.xls
     you find in the spreadsheets.  I'll be posting the rearranged
     spreadsheet next.

     There's no schema file for CodeListCatalogue.xml.
     The structure is a simple row-major ordering of the 
     rows of the corresponding spreadsheet as a top-level
     <clc:CodeListItem> element, with each such element
     holding an element with name corresponding to each
     column of the spreadsheet.  All scalar types default to
     <xsd:string>.  Yes, it's that simple.

Hope you guys have a chance to take a look and provide
inputs during LC call later today.     

Best Regards,
Chin Chee-Kai
Tel: +65-6820-2979
Fax: +65-6743-7875
Email: cheekai@SoftML.Net


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