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Subject: UML class diagrams generated from draft 4

Hi All,

I was browsing through the draft-4 schemas posted by Chee-Kai and decided to
create a few UML class diagrams, in case anyone finds these helpful when
reviewing the strucures (I know that I certainly do!).  The zipped set is about
800K, so I put it on my web server to avoid spamming the list with a large


This is not a complete set of diagrams, but covers most of the content.  There
is an "index.html" at the top level for navigating the GIFs.

As with the 0p70 schemas, these are automatically reverse engineered from the
XSD files, using a few heuristics to create a more conceptual view of the
content.  But it should be an accurate depiction of the XSD information
content.  If you see any problems or have any questions, please send a message.

  Dave Carlson

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