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Subject: Codes in the UBL Core Component Types Schema

Gunther and Garrett

Hi, Greetings. 

LCSC and NDRSC have both discussed a problem that we have found in catering for validation of core component-based codes which are expressed in UBL instances. When codes are used for cct:AmountType (currency), cct:MeasureType (UOM) or cct:QuantityType - i.e. those defined in the Core Components Types Schema - we have no UBL-defined mechanism for validating these against their enumerated list schemas. This is in contrast to the BBIE-based codes where UBL does provide such a mechanism.

The question is, Gunther and Garrett, was this end-result (in disallowing such a mechanism of code validation) a deliberate, foreknown design decision for the Core Component Types Schema?

I've asked so that this matter can be discussed a little more in NDRSC.

All the best

Stephen Green

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