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Subject: UML class diagrams for 1.0-alpha draft-14

I created a set of UML class diagrams from the alpha draft 14 schemas.  As
before, these are automatically reverse engineered from the XSD files.  I
followed the same packaging modularity of the class diagrams that Tim had
manually constructed from the spreadsheet models.

The ZIP containing 18 GIF files is quite large (950K), so I uploaded it to a
temporary location on my web server:


I also created SVG versions of the same diagrams.  If you have an SVG viewer
(e.g. the Adobe plugin for IE or one of the excellent SVG viewers in Linux),
then it's very helpful to zoom/pan/print from the SVG display.  I look forward
to the day when SVG viewers are widely available, because a zip of the same
diagrams is only 45K!!


I will be at the plenary meeting all week, so we can make any changes necessary
for the UBL beta release.  Also, when the schemas are declared final for the
beta release, I'll post UML model files in XMI 1.0 format and also in Rose mdl
format (but these are just UML models without any diagrams).

See you all on Monday,
  Dave Carlson

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