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Subject: Re: [ubl-lcsc] Help: the definition of field of UBL Model Spreadsheet


Our progress is slow but make step-by-step progress toward
understanding UBL model and description, such as the basic
principle of XML description for UBL Schema, the garden of
Eden, and basic Perl script generating XML Schema from spreadsheet.

> we are about to publish the draft 1.0 Beta specification document (in 
> the next week).  this should give you a lot more background to the 
> spreadsheets and also references documents such as the ebXML Core 
> Component Technical Specification, which is where a lot of the 
> spreadsheet defintions came from.

I down load draft 1.0 Beta specification document and CEFACT CCTS Version 2,
but we need summarized information about the spreadsheet because of the limited
ability of to read and understand English documents.

> by the way, i am not sure if you are aware, but i shall be presenting a 
> paper on UBL at the upcoming OASIS Open Standards day in Tokyo

I reserve the conference now then will meet you in Tokyo and discuss with UBL.



Hiroshi Naito, Assistant Professor, Osaka Institute of Technology <http://www.oit.ac.jp/>
1-79-1, Kitayama, Hirakata-City, Osaka, 573-0196, Japan
TEL: +81-72-866-5194  FAX: +81-72-866-8499, E-Mail: naitoh@is.oit.ac.jp

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