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Subject: Re: [ubl-lcsc] Packaging done

Mr. Lisa-Aeon,

I cannot find Perl script to generate XML Schema of UBL components
in that directory. Where is the current version of Perl script?



At 20:16 2003/11/17 -0600, Lisa-Aeon wrote:
> I have completed the packaging of the UBLv1-beta release.  You will find it
> at:
> http://ubl.cim3.org/~lcsc/lcsc-distribution-v1-0-beta/
> Please review and bring any problems to my or Bill Meadows attention.  We
> are hoping to put this up for TC vote during or after the LCSC Call Tuesday
> morning.  Thank you.
> Lisa

Hiroshi Naito, Assistant Professor, Osaka Institute of Technology <http://www.oit.ac.jp/>
1-79-1, Kitayama, Hirakata-City, Osaka, 573-0196, Japan
TEL: +81-72-866-5194  FAX: +81-72-866-8499, E-Mail: naitoh@is.oit.ac.jp

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