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Subject: Re: [ubl-lcsc] Packaging done

Hi tim,

>> the script has been replaced by the tool called UBL-ish.  In
>> Appendix D it explains how to download both the script and the
>> run-time application that it uses.

Sorry, I missed Appendix D. I will read that carefully.

>> it may help to talk to Chin Chee-Kai
>> (<mailto:cheekai@softml.net>cheekai@softml.net) directly to get a feel
>> for the way the rules have been applied.

I will email to Chin Chee-Kai if more information will be needed.

>> do you intend to use a similar script for the Relax-NG generation?

Yes, we will make Perl script. We have tried to use SUN's tool translating from 
XML schema to Relax NG, but found that it optimizes with omitting redundant 
description, then the result Relax NG schema is not reusable.
>> PS we do intend to also have an updated perl script but that is not
>> ready yet.

How do the current XML schema is generated?



Hiroshi Naito, Assistant Professor, Osaka Institute of Technology <http://www.oit.ac.jp/>
1-79-1, Kitayama, Hirakata-City, Osaka, 573-0196, Japan
TEL: +81-72-866-5194  FAX: +81-72-866-8499, E-Mail: naitoh@is.oit.ac.jp

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