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Subject: Re: [ubl-lcsc] Defining the logical model


that seems like the most logical way to go on this

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<<< Memo from MCRAWFORD@lmi.org@Internet on 22 January, 2004, 05:42:01 PM
Thursday >>>

MCRAWFORD@lmi.org@Internet on 22 Jan 2004, 17:42 Thursday

To:    ubl-ndrsc; ubl-lcsc
cc:      (bcc: Alan Stitzer)
Subject:    [ubl-lcsc] Defining the logical model

Michael Dill has raised the issue to me that we have not adequately defined
how to determine where each of the UBL ABIE complex types should be
defined.  Specifically, which types are defined in the common aggregate
components module, which types are defined in the control schema, and which
types are defined in an internal schema module. In searching the current
language of NDR, I found that there is general language in section
but no specific rules.  In looking at the current spreadsheet, I find no
indicator that would support Michael processing the spreadsheet

In my opinion, this is a joint LC and NDR issue.  I see that NDR should
provide some more specific rules in support of the general language, and LC
should make the ABIE by ABIE determination.  I would propose the following:

 1) For all ABIEs that have the potential to be used in schemas that cross
 functional boundaries (i.e. transportation, procurement) - place them in
 the CAC module.

 2) For all ABIEs that are part of a unique subset (only of value to a
 subset of business processes within a functional area) - place in the
 internal schema

 3) For all ABIEs that are unique to a particular message - place in the
 control schema.



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