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Subject: Re: [ubl-lcsc] UBL 1.0 Preparations1: reusable spreadsheet and it'scontent

firstly, you need to differentiate in this list from re-usable ABIEs and re-usable BBIEs.

the following are ASBIEs (re-use of ABIE in a specific context)

 - are all re-uses of DocumentReference

- are re-uses of TransportHandlingUnit

- re-use of Country

- re-use of Party

- re-use of OrderLine

as such they are defined in the re-usable model, so i dont think your question applies to these.

with respect to re-usable BBIEs, i don't think it makes any difference whether we currently have a BBIE of the same name in more than one place in the model - that has never been our criteria for deciding what goes in the re-usable model.  For example, we must have dozens of ID BBIEs defined. obviously we must define the BBIE within the ABIE to which it relates - ie its context of use.  So we have no choice but to define it within the part of the model that it relates to (the parent ABIE) - wherever that is defined.  If you want to do some smarts with the schema generator and move these into re-usable then that is fine, but we cannot do this in the models (in the same way as we define ID many times).  they musy stay in the document model to which they relate.
it is the generator that consolidates these into one XSD element definition. furthermore, if you want your program to do this for all indivisual document BBIEs you must do it for all of them.  We do not see the need to try and anticipate what parts of the library people will or will not re-use.  So it is all or none.  The most important issue is that where we do use these things we clearly identify their context of use (hence the need for a parent ABIE).

NB we should understand the use of the term 'definition' within the models and 'definition' within an XSD Schema.  the models define the BIEs whereever they occur (as BBIE, ABIE or ASBIE).  the Schema defines elements and types.  how these elements and types relate to BIEs is what the NDRs are about.  We do not make these decisions at the LC modeling level.

Michael Dill wrote:
Dear Tim,

please find attached a spreadsheet, which shows a list of globally defined
elements. These objects do not appear in the reusable spreadsheet. Please
help me, if I'm just thinking something wrong.

1. Many of them are used in more than one document.
Question: shouldn't these be in reusable?
2. Some of those that are only used in one document appear to be quite
generic elements which could potentially be used in more than one document
Question: shouldn't some of these also be in reusable?

Please could you confirm whether any changes should be made in this regard.



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tim mcgrath
phone: +618 93352228  
postal: po box 1289   fremantle    western australia 6160

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