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Subject: Re: [ubl-lcsc] Draft TBG17 Controlled Vocabulary

This certainly goes beyond what we would need (I hope!),
but I can see that where there is overlap (which I can see there is some 
we should make sure we are consistent.

What's the reason for having the lines for 'inclusive' and 'exclusive' 
(in my ss they are blue).

Can you elaborate a bit on the use of the columns?  How do you envision the
'in relation to' and the 'linked terms' being used exactly.  Is the 
'linked terms'
column just an fyi, or do you envision it being needed in some future 
of the cv?   Same with 'in relation to'.  I can see the cells in those 
columns possibly
mushrooming since you can keep adding layers of 'relations' and 'links' 
as far as
you feel necessary - as far as you want to note the possible contexts. 
 In the end
it could be that most of the terms are linked and related to most 
others, really.
But how far out will you go in this representation?  Where do you draw 
the line?

Should not all the 'linked terms' be in this ss?  ('hand over' is not, 
although part
of me is surprised there is a 'hand over' linked terrm to begin with. 
 We could
be entering into another entire domain with that one! ;)  If 'linked 
terms' are
not necessarily coming from this cv, then where else are they drawn from?

Also, where are the definitions coming from?



Tim McGrath wrote:

> thnaks sue, this is more comprehensive than i had thought.  i can see 
> where the idea of 'in relation to' is going but where do these terms 
> come from?
> Anne has offerred to help with this and once we have the terms from 
> our current library i suggest she start to add them to this list.
> Sue Probert wrote:
>>I have attached the latest draft version of the TBG17 Controlled Vocabulary
>>(CV). Please note that this was work in progress that Mike Adcock had been
>>developing and that it is still in a very early stage of development. It is
>>circulated at this time for information only.
>>All TBG17 candidate Core Components submitters are invited to contribute new
>>candidate CV entries to TBG17 plus any comments or proposed amendments to
>>existing CV entries.
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>tim mcgrath
>phone: +618 93352228  
>postal: po box 1289   fremantle    western australia 6160

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