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Subject: [ubl-lcsc] pre-draft model for appraisal and initial change log

Tim, Mikkel, LCSC,
Here, attached is a spreadsheet I'll be taking as a starting point for my changes from 1.0 beta to 1.0 draft 1.
I've called this version draft 0 as it should be equivalent to beta.
Mikkel had made changes:
combining all models into one spreadsheet
combining TBG17 and UBL model formats into the one spreadsheet
but there a few changes I've made myself,
the spreadsheet worksheet name to UBL
adding formulas as agreed in the meeting
plus I thought I'd better reverse the removal of the property noun and possessive,
as I seem to remember being agreed in the meeting
then I've also moved things a little and removed columns I thought were redundant
at the end of the TBG17 area (to keep it in line just with TBG17's format), etc
If these changes are disputed and amended via the Tuesday call this week I'll easily
be able to add the content changes to whatever is agreed, but I needed
a sure starting point as far as I think we've agreed.
Apologies if this means you have to amend the tool Mikkel, but I think this is what was
agreed in the meeting and the changes I think will be small
- though the columns may be in different places with some removed.
I did leave out the removed DataType-related columns from the UBL side,
so apologies again to those who might try using UBLish in future in that the
script will of course need changes beside NDR-related ones (unless empty columns are added first
before generating - along with removal of TBG17 columns and some rows at the top perhaps).
Now I'll start making the model content changes.
I've attached, in advance, my proposed initial changes to the contents.
The next version I'll call UBL 1.0 draft 1
All the best


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