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Subject: [ubl-lsc] Minutes of the OASIS UBL Liaison Subcommittee (LSC)2002.02.15

Minutes of the OASIS UBL Liaison Subcommittee (LSC) 2002.02.15

The OASIS UBL Liaison Subcommittee (LSC) met by phone 15 February
2002.  Attendance was as follows:

   Voting members

      Jon Bosak (TC chair)
      Mark Crawford (TC vice chair)
      Richard Mader (ARTS)
      Bill French (EIDX)
      Zack Coffin (XBRL, by phone)


      Garret Minakawa
      Sue Probert
      Ray Seddigh


   We reviewed the calendar of events.

Summer meeting schedule

   Zack Coffin noted that there is an XBRL meeting in June in
   Toronto.  He will check with the conference organizer to see
   whether there are rooms available to host the UBL
   meeting. [This was overtaken by later events to be discussed at
   the LSC meeting 2002.03.15.]

   The default meeting location is Menlo Park (again).

Scheduling the Purchase Order review

   UN/EDIFACT review

      D2: Mark is working this through Jean-Luc.

      T8: Sue will arrange the agenda.

      Sunday evening: a UBL prep meeting (CSC) after the
      management meeting; Mark will notify the CSC

   IXRetail review

      Richard will put this on the agenda for the meeting in
      Atlanta.  Tim McGrath should send the package to Richard
      simultaneously with submission to EWG.

      Richard will contact Tim about speaking to people in Atlanta
      Thursday morning around 11 a.m.

      IXRetail has its own review process; they will use their own
      form and tracking.  Comments should be back around the end
      of the month.


      Ray will check to see if someone is willing to collate
      comments; otherwise, we will just use xml-comment for input
      from XBRL.  Ray will serve as our contact with XBRL.

   EIDX and RosettaNet

      [I was supposed to check with Bill French offline but didn't
      get to it.]

   Basic input process for verticals

      We will either arrange for a formal handoff as in the case
      of EWG and IXRetail or we will rely on public announcements
      and input back through the ubl-comment list.

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