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Subject: RE: [ubl-lsc] Agenda for UBL Liaison SC telcon Friday (2002.03.15 )

Title: RE: [ubl-lsc] Agenda for UBL Liaison SC telcon Friday (2002.03.15)


In the event I can't time today's call (I am going to be on a train or walking about somewhere around Lake Geneva), following updates provided -


Presentation went well.  (Jon has copy).  Continued interest from group on UBL.  Significant interest on design rules aspect with mention about possibility of ISO standard.  Much appreciation of our efforts to work with EWG and X12 and essentially being a proof of concept for the core components specification.  The group has agreed that they need to continue to keep abreast of UBL, and have invited Jon to return in July for an update.  Additionally, the group is planning on a business objects summit in December.  They want UBL to be presented at that summit, and want UBL (Jon) to be part of the organizing committee.


We have strong indications, and an informal offer, for X12 to host the next UBL meeting in June. I will be working out details with Ralph and David next week.  Meeting is scheduled for 3-7 June in Minneapolis.  Indications are the arrangements would be the same as those for Barcelona - X12 hosts, we pay some nominal fee, we are invited to the X12 plenary and open events, we are responsible for setting up any working relationships with X12 subcommittee's.


OASIS has been granted a class A liaison to TC154.  The chair of TC154 has asked to be the TC154 liaison to UBL.  TC154 has expressed strong interest in moving UBL products forward as ISO standards.  The chair of TC154 will be in Barcelona, and would like to observe various TC meetings.  There is some pushback towards UBL on the part of the Canadian, US, and Australian delegations to TC154, but the chair is not overly concerned as he believes they are in the minority.


We were approached from a member of AIAG regarding a perceived rejection of the automotive industry by UBL.  I assured the individual that nothing could be further from the truth, and that in fact we had openly courted at least one representative from the automotive industry to participate in UBL.  The individual expressed an interest in having a UBL presentation during an upcoming AIAG meeting.  I have continued those discussions with Sig Handleman of IBM who is chair of one of the AIAG subcommittee's.  Will keep you posted.


I have made offer to meet with EWG Management Team (Sue will be presenting offer on Sunday if she is able to make it) to discuss ongoing issues regarding UBL participation.  There continues to be hidden agenda's on the part of some EWG MT members that are precluding greater partnership.  I have also offered to give a general presentation to the EWG plenary, but am not confident that offer will be accepted.  I will go to the Monday steering committee meeting and make an offer directly to each of the D group chairs to come and talk to their group directly.  Sue and I will continue to press for identification of Sue as formal liaison of EWG to UBL.

U.S. Government

There have been a number of discussions on the CIO Council listserve following Jon's presentation to the Federal CIO Council XML working group.  There continues to be public support from Marion Royal regarding the potential of UBL to provide the standards the federal government is looking for.  Our case will be strengthened by the soon to be released GAO audit report on XML implementations in the federal government. (Agency comments were due back to GAO on 6 March, and GAO normally releases within 30-60 days after this date). The bulk of the report is centered around the lack of real standards and standard implementations and the lack of a government strategy for XML implementation.  I will be working with various agencies and will ensure they understand the potential of UBL to help them meet the requirements/recommendations contained in the report.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jon Bosak [mailto:Jon.Bosak@Sun.COM]
> Sent: Friday, March 15, 2002 6:00 AM
> To: ubl-lsc@lists.oasis-open.org; stuart.feder@bis.org;
> garret.minakawa@oracle.com; sue.probert@commerceone.com;
> ray.seddigh@us.pwcglobal.com; ron.kleinman@Sun.COM
> Subject: [ubl-lsc] Agenda for UBL Liaison SC telcon Friday
> (2002.03.15)
> The UBL Liaison Subcommittee will meet by phone 8 a.m. California
> time Friday 15 March 2002.  Dial-in information has been provided
> by private mail (and is the same as last time).
> Agenda:
>    1. Event calendar (see below)
>    2. Summer meeting schedule and host
>    3. Scheduling the P.O. review
>       - UN/EDIFACT
>       - IXRetail
>       - XBRL
>       - possibly EIDX and RosettaNet
>    4. Status report on liaison outreach
>       Jon: GSA, XML.gov, DISA (DoD), UCC, CIDX
>       Mark: MoU/MG, TC 154, X12, AIAG
> ==================================================================
> Current event calendar
> 2002.03.11-03.13 MoU/MG + IPR workshop, Geneva *** Mark: MG;
> 2002.03.11-03.14 Open Publish [XML output] conference, Seattle
> 2002.03.13-03.15 ISO TC 154 7372 maintenance meeting, Geneva
> *** Mark, networking
> 2002.03.18-03.19 ARTS Data Model Committee, Atlanta
> 2002.03.20-03.22 IXRetail meeting, Atlanta *** Richard will
> present update
> 2002.03.25-03.29 JavaOne conference, San Francisco *** bosak
> presenting
> 2002.04.11-04.12 NOIE symposium, Melbourne *** Sue P. presenting
> 2002.04.08-04.10 Infoworld CTO Forum, San Francisco *** bosak
> presenting
> 2002.04.09-04.11 OAGI, Washington DC (Hosted by NIST) ***
> mark will offer
> 2002.04.10-04.12 Global Retail Forum (big trade show), Paris
> *** Richard will network
> 2002.05.07-05.11 WWW2002 conference, Honolulu
> 2002.05.19-05.24 XML Europe conference, Barcelona *** Sue will present
> 2002.05.21-05.24 UCC Connect, Salt Lake City (over 1000
> people) *** maybe arofan or lisa
> 2002.06.02-06.07 X12 meeting, Minneapolis
> 2002.06.17-06.21 XBRL international meeting, Toronto
> 2002.06.24-06.26 Retail Systems conference, Chicago
> 2002.06.24-06.28 Web Services Edge Conference, NYC *** bosak
> to present
> 2002.06.26-06.28 ARTS [location unknown, U.S.A.]
> 2002.06.27-06.28 Interop on procurement + X12 demo, Orlando
> *** bosak to attend
> 2002.07.22-07.26 XTech XML conference, San Diego
> 2002.07.22-07.26 (one day in week, TBD) MoU/MG meeting in U.S.
> 2002.08.04-08.09 Extreme Markup conference, Montreal
> 2002.08.13-08.15 OAGI, Detroit
> 2002.09.09-09.13 Seybold San Francisco
> 2002.09.?? (some time in first two weeks) EWG, Melbourne or
> Sydney; typically first full week
> 2002.09.29-10.04 X12 meeting, Miami
> 2002.11.11-11.14 XML Asia Pacific 2002, Sydney
> 2002.12.02-12.06 MoU/MG and associated BOS summit, Geneva
> 2002.12.08-12.13 XML 2002 conference, Baltimore
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
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