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Subject: [ubl-lsc] First UBL review packages available

UBL Liaison Subcommittee members and observers,

As we arranged in our LSC conference call Friday, I have assembled
materials for the first UBL review cycle in two packages, one for
the Library Content SC and one for the Naming and Design Rules SC.
You can find them here:


The LCSC download is in a zip file because it contains several
schema files in addition to documentation.

On Friday, we decided to handle review of these materials as follows:

   EDIFACT WG: We will distribute these documents in person at the
   meeting in Barcelona this week, and the UBL representatives
   there will assemble feedback from the EWG.

   IXRetail: The documents will be distributed as soon as they
   become available.  They will be discussed at the IXRetail
   meeting in Atlanta this week, and Richard Mader will coordinate
   the responses.

   EIDX: Will ask the EIDX XRT (cross-reference subcommittee) to
   review the packages above and respond with coordinated

   XBRL: Will publicize the packages and arrange for input.  We
   don't know yet whether input can be formally coordinated (as in
   the case with EWG, IXRetail, and EIDX) or whether it will be
   submitted by individuals to the ubl-comment list.

   RosettaNet: Wasn't in on the call; we will have to arrange this

   ACORD: Wasn't in on the call because I neglected to get Nigel
   Wooden on the LSC mailing list (blush).  I have been in touch
   with Nigel over the weekend, and he will let us know how he
   wants to handle the review.

However you choose to alert your membership to the availability of
these materials, please be sure to note that these are works in
progress, very much subject to change, and that what we're looking
for here is early input.


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