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Subject: [ubl-lsc] Minutes of UBL Liaison SC telcon 2002.05.10

The UBL Liaison Subcommittee met by phone Friday 10 May 2002.


   Jon Bosak (chair)
   Mark Crawford (vice chair, UBL TC)
   Stuart Feder (invited observer)
   Bill French (EIDX)
   Patrick Gannon (invited observer)
   Richard Mader (ARTS)
   Tim McGrath (chair, UBL Library Content SC)
   Sue Probert (UN/EDIFACT)
   Ray Seddigh (XBRL)
   Nigel Wooden (ACORD)

Corrections were noted in the minutes of the meeting 26 April
(followed up in mail and corrected on the mail list).

The Liaison SC welcomed Sue Probert as the appointed liaison from
the UN/EDIFACT Working Group.

The calendar was updated: 


Progress reports on the first review cycle were heard from EIDX
and IXRetail.

EIDX reported that their Cross-Reference Team (in
the Guidelines Subcommittee) has the review package in hand;
Arofan met with them during their meeting 8 May in San Jose, and
they now have a process in place to review any UBL input.  We
expect output from this process in the next review cycle.

IXRetail met with Tim 9 May and minutes have been distributed to
that group.  The discussion centered on the data aspect, and
valuable input demonstrating a high level of expertise was
received from the IXRetail reviewers.  There are plans for similar
comments regarding the UBL Naming and Design Rules.

Since Tim has received no further comments in the last two weeks,
this appears to end the feedback for this review cycle.  The LC SC
has rationalized the inputs down to six and intends to process the
comments during the UBL meeting in Minneapolis and attempt to have
a new version out by the end of June.

Jon reported on this week's UBL presentation to EIDX.  The group
discussed the emerging position of UBL as a horizontal B2B library
and its role with regard to vertical B2B libraries like RosettaNet
and other horizontals like OAGIS.

The group discussed the upcoming Interop Summit in Orlando.

The LSC decided to move our next meeting to 31 May, cancel the
meeting 24 May, and meet in person in Minneapolis on 5 June.

Jon Bosak
Chair, UBL LSC

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