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Subject: [ubl-lsc] Minutes of UBL Liaison SC meeting 2002.07.12

The UBL Liaison SC met by phone Friday 12 July 2002.


   Karl Best (invited observer)
   Jon Bosak (chair)
   Mark Crawford (vice chair, UBL TC)
   Richard Mader (ARTS)
   Bob Matsey (invited observer)
   Garret Minakawa (invited observer)
   Ray Seddigh (XBRL)
   Patrick Gannon (invited observer)

1. New liaison: John Hervey (NACS)

   John sent regrets for this meeting via Richard Mader.

2. Calendar (http://oasis-open.org/committees/ubl/lsc/calendar.htm)


      EPC Alliance (RF ID technology) 7 August in Boston; Richard
      Mader and John Hervey will attend.

      OASIS/W3C security forum all day 26 August at the Web
      Services One conference; Eve Maler to coordinate with Dee
      Schur of OASIS.

      PIDX 24-26 September at the Sheraton North in Houston;
      Patrick Gannon will probably be attending and may present.

      Our next UBL TC meetings need to be added to the calendar.

3. Interoperability (Bill French)

   Held over till next meeting.

4. Status report on upcoming schema review

   Tim McGrath submitted the following report via email:

   | The Library Content subcommittee are agressively pursuing a
   | schedule that allows us to start another review cycle early
   | in August.  This will be significantly different from the
   | previous review in several ways.
   | Firstly, the reviewers will be asked to comment on:
   | a. The Library Content itself, not only the two document
   |    definitions, Order and Order Response, but more
   |    importantly the Library of re-usable components that are
   |    assembled to formthese documents.  We shall be seeking
   |    improvements to these components both in terms of
   |    structural changes and also identifying where and how
   |    context can be applied to these.
   | b. The UBL methodology.  We shall present an overall paper
   |    describing the UBL approach to designing BIEs and
   |    document definitions. Amongst other areas this will cover
   |    our interpretation of when to use Codes and Identifiers,
   |    the Naming rules, expressing Dates and Times and how we
   |    assemble documents for the UBL Library of BIEs.
   | Secondly, we shall be packaging the material in a way that
   | is conducive to a high-level, drill down view of the UBL
   | data model.  This will help reviewers navigate through the
   | Library and provide the big picture necessary to comprehend
   | to value of the details beneath.  One part of this will be
   | varying levels of Class diagram decribing the high and low
   | level structures in the library.
   | The intention is that we shall allow a 6-7 week review
   | period after which we shall reconcile all comments and
   | dispose of them at our next plenary face-to-face (1st week
   | of October).

   Everyone on the LSC was given the action to be prepared to
   report on their plans for reviewing the upcoming LCSC package
   at our LSC meeting 2 August 2002.  Given the need to coordinate
   as closely as possible in this review cycle, it is essential
   that Liaison SC members attend the next four meetings, which
   are scheduled as follows:

      Fri 02 Aug 2002
      Fri 16 Aug 2002
      Fri 30 Aug 2002
      (Skip 13 Sep: CEFACT Forum in Geneva)
      Fri 27 Sep 2002

   All calls start at 8 a.m. California time and use the following

      U.S.: 888 422 7105
      International: 608 250 9675
      Participant code: 448 342

Corrections or additions to these minutes should be sent by mail
to the ubl-lsc list before our next meeting.

Jon Bosak
Chair, OASIS UBL Liaison Subcommittee

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