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Subject: [ubl-lsc] Minutes of UBL Liaison SC meeting 2 August 2002

The UBL Liaison SC met by phone Friday 2 August 2002.


	Yes	No

	x		Karl Best (invited observer, OASIS)
	x		Jon Bosak (chair)
		x	Mark Crawford (vice chair, UBL TC) -- on vacation
	x		Stuart Feder (invited observer, SDMX)
	*	*	Bill French (EIDX)
	x		Patrick Gannon (invited observer, OASIS)
		x	John Hervey (NACS) -- attending conference
	x		Richard Mader (ARTS)
	x		Bob Matsey (invited observer, UIG)
	x		Tim McGrath (invited observer, chair UBL LCSC)
	x		Charlie Mead (HL7)
	x		Sue Probert (EWG T8)
	x		Lisa Seaburg (invited observer, UBL LCSC)
	x		Ray Seddigh (XBRL)
	x		Robert Shanbaum (VCA)
	x		Nigel Wood (ACORD)

	* Bill couldn't get into the call (we apparently ran out of ports).

1. New members of the Liaison Subcommittee:

   Charlie Mead (HL7)
   Kris Ketels (SWIFT) -- on vacation
   Robert Shanbaum (VCA)
   James Whittle (e.centre) -- on vacation

2. Press Releases

   We decided that a stream of press releases was more effective
   than a single release (but this was later overridden by OASIS

3. Calendar (http://oasis-open.org/committees/ubl/lsc/calendar.htm)

   Various items added.  Lisa Seaburg will check to see if she can
   be available to present in Las Vegas.

4. Interoperability (Bill French)

   Skipped (see above).

5. Status report on upcoming schema review (Tim McGrath)

   Tim reported that the next review release will be significantly
   larger than the first one in March, containing not only
   spreadsheet and schemas but also an explanation of the
   methodology by which the library has been developed and the
   process by which other organizations can incorporate the
   library into their domain-specific work.  The release was
   originally targeted for early August; the current target is the
   LSC meeting 16 August.  The SC is aiming for quality and
   doesn't want to rush for the deadline.  If the release is
   completed 16 August, there will be a 4-5 week review period.
   The package may include the schema generator as well as the
   documents.  There are about 500 elements in the P.O. schema.

   Action for all liaisons: prepare for the next review cycle.

6. ISO IEC ITU UN/ECE MoU/MG report (Jon Bosak)

   UBL remains on the MoU/MG agenda; Jon is scheduled to give
   another report at the December MoU/MG meeting in Paris.  There
   will not be a BOS summit as previously planned, but there will
   be a full day of presentations.  It appears that CEFACT
   membership remains a political impossibility for the time being
   and that we should concentrate instead on establishing working
   relationships with EDIFACT domain groups, in particular D2, D4,
   and D9.

7. Recruiting European and Asian liaisons

   Discussed, no formal resolution.

8. Miscellaneous

    - OAG collaboration: Richard has not yet heard from David

    - Outsourcing domain work (not discussed).

    - LSC web page: we need a single place that has pointers to
      the liaison organization and links to e.g. the LC and NDR
      pages for reviewers (an initial page has since been

Jon Bosak
Chair, OASIS UBL Liaison SC

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