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Subject: [ubl-lsc] Minutes of UBL Liaison SC meeting 2002.08.16

The UBL Liaison SC met by phone Friday 16 August 2002.


	Yes	No

		x	Karl Best (invited observer, OASIS)
	x		Jon Bosak (chair)
	x		Mark Crawford (vice chair, UBL TC)
		x	Derek Coleman (RosettaNet)
	x		Stuart Feder (invited observer, SDMX)
		x	Bill French (EIDX)
	x		Patrick Gannon (invited observer, OASIS)
	x		John Hervey (NACS)
		x	Kris Ketels (SWIFT)
	x		Richard Mader (ARTS)
	x		Bob Matsey (invited observer, UIG)
		x	Tim McGrath (invited observer, chair UBL LCSC)
	x		Charlie Mead (HL7)
	x		Sue Probert (EWG T8)
	x		Lisa Seaburg (invited observer, UBL LCSC)
	x		Ray Seddigh (XBRL)
		x	Robert Shanbaum (VCA)
		x	James Whittle (e.centre)
	x		Nigel Wood (ACORD)


1. Press Releases

   We are waiting for a quote from SWIFT.

2. Calendar (http://oasis-open.org/committees/ubl/lsc/calendar.htm)

   Jon, Mark, Sue, Nigel, and Stuart will be attending the first
   meeting of the CEFACT Forum in Geneva 9-13 September.

3. Interoperability (Bill French)


4. Status report on upcoming schema review (Tim McGrath)

   Lisa Seaburg reported as follows: Some members of the LC in the
   critical path for this review have been delayed in their work
   by the requirements of their jobs.  The LC is hoping on Monday
   19 August to start the review with a downloadable zip file
   containing spreadsheet, class diagrams, position papers (Codes
   and Identifiers, Date/Time), comment form, and review guide
   with release notes.  Then by Wednesday 21 August they plan to
   make available the XSD generated from the spreadsheet.

   Lisa noted that some design decisions are still pending in the
   Naming and Design Rules SC and that therefore this release has
   to be considered a work in progress.  The issues will be called
   out in the release notes.  The existence of these issues should
   not prevent us from gaining useful input regarding business

   The LC very much wants to have review comments in hand in time
   for the UBL f2f in Burlington 1-4 October.  Lisa proposed a
   deadline of COB Wednesday 25 September and the LSC agreed.

   Jon Bosak reported that RosettaNet has agreed to actively
   participate in this review cycle.

5. Review scheduling

   ACORD -- Nigel Wood

      A small review team (one or two members, including Alan
      Stitzer) will provide input.  Nigel intends to use this as
      an opportunity for education and outreach.  The focus of
      ACORD's interest will be on the reusability of the
      components in the BIE library

   ARTS -- Richard Mader

      There are no IXRetail meetings scheduled during this review
      cycle, so Richard will send the review package to the
      technical committee and then schedule a conference call to
      discuss it.

   e.centre -- James Whittle (absent)

   EIDX -- Bill French (absent)

   HL7 -- Charlie Mead

      HL7 is in the middle of ANSI balloting for Version 3, so
      this is a good time for the UBL review, but bandwidth is a
      problem.  Charlie will present the review package to the
      Modeling and Methodology Subcommittee.  He expects 2-3
      reviewers to check alignment with the HL7 reference
      information model and will push to get us input by our 25
      September deadline.  "Passionate feedback" is to be

   NACS -- John Hervey

      NACS has four people committed to review this package.

   RosettaNet -- Derek Coleman (absent)

   SWIFT -- Kris Ketels (absent)

   VCA -- Robert Shanbaum (absent)

   XBRL -- Ray Seddigh

      Ray spoke on UBL at the June XBRL meeting in Toronto.
      People are aware that the review package is coming, and the
      XBRL Specification Committee will participate.  Ray plans to
      announce the package when it becomes available next week and
      then set up a conference call to discuss it.

   X12 -- Mark Crawford

      Mark will give the review package to X12 COTG and request
      that an X12 SC look at it.  There is no X12 SC doing
      procurement specifications right now.  Mark will also bring
      this to the attention of X12C/TG3, and he expects more input
      from them.  He also intends to speak to chairs of
      appropriate X12 domain groups at the X12 meeting in Miami
      and will ask David and Ralph to post a notice to the X12
      Steering Committee.

   UN/EDIFACT -- Sue Probert

      T8 will perform a comparison of UBL and CCSD Boeing [I may
      not have captured this correctly] at the Geneva meeting,
      using class diagrams to develop a syntax-neutral library.
      Those of us attending the Geneva meeting will also attempt
      to involve individual domain groups, but the reorganization
      in progress may make scheduling the necessary conversations
      difficult.  We will certainly circulate the review package
      with a request for feedback, and we should be able to
      announce the availability of the review package to the
      Steering Group.


      It was agreed that Lisa would alert the LSC to the
      availability of the pieces of the review package as they
      were put on the web site but would wait a couple of days
      after that to give the liaisons a chance to notify their
      reviewers before making a public announcement.  So we should
      expect messages to this list (LSC) on Monday and Wednesday
      and a public announcement to ubl-comment on Friday 23
      August.  At that time, Jon will request an announcement on
      the OASIS "announce" list and will ask OASIS to consider a
      press release.

      It was agreed that the review package should contain a
      pointer to UBL background materials and might even include
      the boilerplate description of UBL that we have been using
      in press releases.

Jon Bosak
Chair, OASIS UBL Liaison Subcommittee

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