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Subject: [ubl-lsc] UBL Liaison SC minutes Wednesday 2 October 2002

The UBL Liaison SC met informally in person and by phone Wednesday
2 October 2002.


        Yes     No

        x               Jon Bosak (chair)
        x               Mark Crawford (UN/CEFACT ATG)
                x       Derek Coleman (RosettaNet)
                x       Bill French (EIDX)
                x       John Hervey (NACS)
                x       Kris Ketels (SWIFT)
                x       Richard Mader (ARTS)
                x       Charlie Mead (HL7)
        x               Sue Probert (UN/CEFACT TBG)
        x               Ray Seddigh (XBRL)
        x               Robert Shanbaum (VCA)
                x       James Whittle (e.centre)
        x               Nigel Wooden (ACORD)

   We did not achieve a quorum.


   Charlie Mead, Bill French

Others present:

   Tim McGrath (invited observer, chair UBL LCSC)
   Garret Minakawa (invited observer, OAG)
   Lisa Seaburg (invited observer, UBL LCSC)


   ACORD: A large proportion of the P.O. doesn't apply to
   insurance, but a lot of the components do; will need to add a
   lot of information to what's there, but haven't been able to
   define that input yet; global domain view will include TBG8.

   XBRL: Organizing comments to send to Lisa; will also forward
   suggestions about facilities for entity relationship.  XBRL has
   agreed to use UBL naming rules.  Ray's UBL keynote at the
   meeting in New Orleans went very well; people visited the
   PricewaterhouseCoopers booth and seemed very interested in UBL.

   VCA: Still looking for the right group to undertake the review.

   HL7 (by email): Some comments have been delivered and some are
   still pending.

   UN/CEFACT TBG: The domain groups want to continue working through a
   single liaison (Sue Probert); Sue is now the official UBL
   liaison from TBG; all the domain groups want to contribute
   input, but there was no chance to get input this time because
   of the UN/CEFACT reorganization.

   UN/CEFACT ATG: Mark Crawford is now the official UN/CEFACT ATG
   liaison to UBL.  ATG will not be reviewing UBL Library Content
   but will be reviewing UBL Naming and Design Rules.

   X12: Hoping for input after X12 meeting in Miami next week.  

Liaison opinions on the UN/CEFACT UBL proposal: 

   ACORD: supports the proposal, important that there be no
   divergence from CEFACT, but wants to look at the details of the
   proposal to ensure no impact on UBL momentum or management

   XBRL: Would be eager to participate in UN/CEFACT, but concerned
   about loss of UBL identity, responsiveness (especially to the
   needs of the SMEs), agility, and innovation.

   UN/CEFACT TBG: A straw poll of the domain groups in Geneva found
   that all would welcome an official association between UBL and

   UN/CEFACT ATG: There are differences of opinion within the group.

   X12: The COTG has discussed the proposal and considered making
   a formal statement; it meets next Thursday in Miami.

It was decided to skip the LSC meeting regularly scheduled for 11
October and to meet as scheduled 25 October.

Jon Bosak
Chair, UBL Liaison Subcommittee

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