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Subject: [ubl-lsc] UBL Liaison SC minutes Friday 8 November 2002

The UBL Liaison SC met by phone Friday 8 November 2002.

Regrets: Ray Seddigh, Bill French, Garret Minakawa

Liaisons present:

	Yes	No

	x		Jon Bosak (chair)
		x	Mark Crawford (UN/CEFACT ATG)
		x	Derek Coleman (RosettaNet)
		x	Bill French (EIDX)
	x		John Hervey (NACS)
		x	Kris Ketels (SWIFT)
		x	Richard Mader (ARTS)
	x		Bob Matsey (UIG)
	x		Charlie Mead (HL7)
	x		Sue Probert (UN/CEFACT TBG)
		x	Ray Seddigh (XBRL)
	x		Robert Shanbaum (VCA)
		x	James Whittle (e.centre)
		x	Nigel Wooden (ACORD)

   We did not achieve a quorum.

Other participants: Tim McGrath, Stuart Feder

New member

   We welcomed Bob Matsey of Duke Energy, representing the
   Utilities Industry Group.  (This appointment needs to be
   ratified by the TC; mail goes out 10 November requesting this

Calendar (http://oasis-open.org/committees/ubl/lsc/calendar.htm)

   Several items were added.

   There is apparently already a UBL submission for XML and Web
   Services 2003 17-19 March 2003 in London.  Sue Probert is
   trying to find out more about this.

   Jon Bosak and Sue Probert should submit papers for XML Europe 2003.

   We urgently need schedules from the other liaison groups so
   that we can plan the next review cycle.

Update: UN/CEFACT unification proposal

   Jon Bosak gave a brief update on this.

Update: review schedule

   Release of the next LC review package is now set for the end of
   December rather than the beginning.

Spring UBL TC meeting

   It's possible the we might meet in conjunction with XML
   Europe 2003 (5-8 May 2003 in London).

Next UBL Liaison SC meeting

   Our next Liaison SC meeting will take place 9:30-11
   a.m. California time Wednesday 20 November 2003 at the UBL TC
   meeting in Menlo Park.

Other reports

   Jon Bosak reported successful UBL presentations at an event
   held 7 October 2002 by the U.S. Defense Information Systems
   Agency in Falls Church and at a meeting of the SD Forum Web
   Services SIG hosted by Microsoft 22 October 2002 in Mountain

   Sue Probert reported a very succesful UBL presentation at the
   CEN/ISSS eBES meeting 7 November in Copenhagen.

Jon Bosak
Chair, UBL LSC

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