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Subject: [ubl-lsc] UBL Liason SC Minutes, 6/7 January 2003

The UBL Liaison Subcommittee met by phone on 6/7 January 2003.

I. Committee participants (* indicates those in attendance this meeting)

                                            First meeting    Second meeting
                                          [16h00 GMT 6 Jan] [00h00 GMT 7 Jan]
        Jon Bosak (chair)                        *                *
        Derek Coleman (RosettaNet)
        Mark Crawford (UN/CEFACT ATG)            *
        Bill French (EIDX)                                        *
        John Hervey (NACS)                       *
        Kris Ketels (SWIFT)                      *
        Richard Mader (ARTS)
        Charlie Mead (HL7)
        Sue Probert (UN/CEFACT TBG)              *
        Ray Seddigh (XBRL)
        Robert Shanbaum (VCA)                    *
        Leon Shiman (UIG)                        *
        James Whittle (e.centre)
        Nigel Wooden (ACORD)                     *
    Other attendees:
        Patrick Gannon (OASIS)                                    *
        Anne Hendry (scribe)                     *                *
        Tim McGrath (UBL LCSC)                                    *

II. Agenda

        1. New member: Thomas Lee, ebXML Asia Committee
        2. Calendar review
        3. NDRSC status report
        4. LCSC status report
        5. Review scheduling
        6. Project management for the review cycle

III. First meeting [16h00 GMT Monday 6 January 2003] discussion

    New members:

        Thomas Lee of Hong Kong University has been appointed
        as liaison from the ebXML Asia Committee.

        Leon Shiman of Duke Energy has been appointed as liaison
        from the Utilities Industry Group, replacing Bob Matsey.

    Meeting Logistics:

        The meeting has been split into 2 meetings to
        accomodate attendance from various time zones.
        Any member is welcome to attend either meeting.

            first meeting      16h00 GMT (8:00 am California time)
            second meeting     00h00 GMT (4:00 pm California time)

    Calendar (http://oasis-open.org/committees/ubl/lsc/calendar.htm):

        The NRF annual convention is from 12 - 15 January 2003.  This
        would be a great time to annouce availability of the review packet.

        Should we do a reprint of the UBL leaflets that were distributed
        in Baltimore?  Jon will update the UBL leaflets for distribution at
        the NRF convention and send to Richard Nader in next couple of days.

        Additionally, it would be good to have an updated NDR document
        avaliable for the UN/CEFACT ATG meeting, 20 - 24 January.

        Mark will present a UBL status report to the NACS EB2B
        working committee in Tampa 27 January at 2:15 US ET.

    NDR SC update:

        Mark will check on status.  The document looks good, but there
        are a couple more issues to resolve.  Preliminary rules finalization
        expected to be complete at F2F in Denver (3 - 7 February).

        It will be discussed at the 20 - 24 January ATG meeting.
        Draft NDR document should be available this week.
        Need to provide generic reference to the latest version.

        Jon will create template for NDR [UBL part 1] as was done for
        LC [UBL part 2].

    Library Content SC update:

        This is looking reasonable; there have been some questions raised
        in the QA process, so the document may need more editing, but it
        should be worked out by Monday.  Since we want to announce availability
        during the NRF conference, Richard and Charlie should know by
        10 January if they can say anything.  Tim will let Charlie and
        Richard know by 10 January if it's ok to go ahead with announcement.

    Review Schedule update:

        Release of the next LC review package will be 13 January 2003.
        To make a good presentation, we'll have a soft launch to a limited
        group on the 13th, then the full-scale distribution the following
        week, on the 20th.  This is not so much of a schedule change as it
        is a change in emphasis.  We'll use the week of the 13th for testing
        and final feedback.  This will still make it available by the week
        of the 13th, and it will be well-tested going into the Tampa NACS
        eB2B WC meeting the week of the 27th.        

    Project Management of review cycle:

        If this is acceptable to others, Anne Hendry will be available
        to help Jon with meeting overhead (minutes, etc) and to help
        with logistics and process management of the review cycle so
        others can focus on the work of receiving and integrating
        feedback from the review cycle.

        We are planning the review cycle to begin on 20 January and
        continue until mid-April.

        Tim suggested we plan to have periodic meetings to help reviewers.
        These would be periodic teleconferences.  Anne can help coordinate.

IV. Second meeting [00h00 GMT Tuesday 7 January 2003] discussion

    Review morning meeting discussion.

    Review schedule:

        Review process will begin on February 20th and go through mid-April,
        allowing about a month to get the final changes in for release in May.
        We hope to use the May XML Europe Conference as a platform for the

        A complete package will be released, containing the core UBL library,
        schemas for six document types, a methodology document, data models,
        and much more.

V. Action Items

    20020106-01 Jon will create template for NDR [UBL part 1]
                as was done for LC [UBL part 2].

    20020106-02 Jon will update the UBL leaflets for NRF convention;
                send to Richard Nader in next couple of days.

    20020106-03 Tim McGrath will call Richard Nader and Charlie Mead
                on 10 January with an update on our status/schedule.

VI. Next UBL Liaison SC meeting

        Our next Liaison SC meeting will take place during the Denver F2F,
        so we will have only one call:        

               00h00 GMT Thursday 6 February
               (5:00 pm Denver time Wednesday 5 February)

               International: 646 441 1003
               U.S. domestic: 866 680 0148
               Participant code: 701188

        Jon, Mark, Sue, and Leon will be attending in person.
        Calling in will be Bill French, Patrick Gannon.

- Anne Hendry

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