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Subject: [ubl-lsc] UBL Library Content 0p70 Public Review period has begun

UBL Liaisons,

The first draft of the UBL Schemas were released for public review
on 27 January.  This release covers seven basic documents:
Order, Order Response, Simple Order Response, Order Cancellation,
Despatch Advice, Receipt Advice, and Invoice.

These schemas can work in their generic form in many ordinary business
contexts, or can be customized to work in a variety of industry-specific
business contexts.  For further detail on this release, please see

The release is available for download at
http://oasis-open.org/committees/ubl/lcsc/0p70/UBL0p70.zip, and is also
accessible directly at http://oasis-open.org/committees/ubl/lcsc/0p70/.
The release includes the work of the Library Content Subcommittee,
as well as some preliminary supporting work from the Naming and Design
Rules Subcommittee.  An update is planned for the week of 10 February
to provide additional supplementary work from the Naming and Desing
Subcommittee.  This update of additional supplementary materials will
effect the use and review of the existing schemas.  We welcome any
comments on those supplementary materials when they become available.

The success of this review period depends on your diligent review of
these schemas and supporting documents as they relate to your specific
industry as well as the timely filing of comments and/or issues.  The
review period extends until Monday 14 April.  We are happy to answer
any questions or help in any other way to assist you in producing
the best possible review results.

The next meeting of the UBL Liason Subcommittee is scheduled for
Wednesday, 5 February, 17:00 US Mountain Time.  (For local time see
Call details have been posted to the UBL Liaison SC list.  We welcome
your participation in this upcoming meeting, and look forward to your
comments on the materials presented.

Anne Hendry

UBL Liason Subcommittee

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