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Subject: UBL Liaison Committee meeting(s) 7/8 April 2003

UBL Liaisons,

We have regular monthly calls scheduled for 7/8 April 2003.
According to our default format, these one-hour calls will start
at the following times:

   First call (U.S. and Europe):

      Monday 7 April 15h00 GMT
      Monday 7 April 08h00 San Francisco
      Monday 7 April 11h00 Boston
      Monday 7 April 16h00 London
      Monday 7 April 23h00 Perth and Hong Kong

   Second call: (U.S. and Asia-Pacific):

      Monday 7 April 23h00 GMT
      Monday 7 April 16h00 San Francisco
      Monday 8 April 19h00 Boston
     Tuesday 8 April 00h00 London
     Tuesday 8 April 07h00 Perth and Hong Kong

We adopted this split schedule to accommodate liaisons from Asia.
Every time we've tried this, however, we've gotten no
participation from the Asian liaisons on the second call (though
it has proved convenient for several liaisons in the U.S.).  So I
have to wonder whether this format is worth the trouble.

Our preliminary agenda for this meeting includes the following:

   1. Roll call

   2. Calendar review:

   3. UN/CEFACT update

      a. ATG

      b. TBG

      c. TMG

      d. UBL-CEFACT transition

   4. NDRSC status report

   5. LCSC status report

   6. 0.70 review status

   7. London meeting prep (including LSC schedule)

   8. UBL pilot projects

Please consider this agenda and send mail to the list if you think
we need to hold the second call.  Also, please send any additional
agenda items.

The dial-in info in any case will be as follows:

    International: 646 441 1003
    U.S. domestic: 866 680 0148
    Participant code: 701188

Jon Bosak
Chair, OASIS UBL Liaison Subcommittee

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