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Subject: Status update on 0.80 review

Please accept my apologies for being unable to attend the forthcoming 
Liaison call.  I am submitting a written report of the progress to date 
with our review of UBL 0.80

The conceptual models and document models were distrubuted to the review 
teams (RosettaNet, OAG and e-Gov) in the week of July 16th.  This 
package included both spreadsheets and UML class diagrams covering the 
amendments to previous documents based on the 0.70 review as well as the 
new document type, Order Change.  These were not made publicly available 
(unless by request) to focus our resources on the three review groups.

Since that time, the UBL teams have been working on XML schema 
representations of these document models. and drafts have been under 
internal review since  23rd June.  We hope to provide these to the 
review teams over the next 2 weeks but they are not seen as critical to 
their review task which will focus more on logical structures and 
business semantics rather than syntax.

The three review teams have been working on the models.  To date, we 
have a initial input from OAG (who have been taking a piece-by-piece 
approach and reviewed the Address structure initially).  (as a side note 
to Ram and the CIQ group, this is moving in the direction of closer 
alignment to the terminology and structure of xAL).

Some of the e-Gov team have been focussing on the business scenarion or 
scope of our documents and in particular the reconcilation of Invoice 

The RosettaNet team have been participating in our calls but have not 
submitted any formal response as yet.

The review teams will have until  the week of July 21st to provide their 
comments.  From this we shall develop UBL 1.0 (draft committe spec) 
starting at the UBL Plenary July 28-August 1st.

Those wishing to follow the review more closely, may observe the UBL 
LCSC mail archive (I think - if Kavi does its thing) and filtering on 
the subject lines containing the string "[roe]".

tim mcgrath
phone: +618 93352228  
postal: po box 1289   fremantle    western australia 6160


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