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Subject: new UBL Liaison calendar and minutes from previous meeting (30 July)

Attached please find the latest UBL speaking engagement calendar,
as well as the minutes from our last meeting which was held during the F2F
in Montreal in July.

The UBL Liaison Subcommittee met in person and by phone on 30 July 2003.

Meeting Logistics

   Wednesday 30 July 16h00 GMT (09h00 San Francisco, 16h00 London, 01h00 Tuesday am Perth and Hong Kong)
   U.S. domestic toll-free number: (866)839-8189
   Int. access/caller paid number: (865)525-0625
   Access code: 5819636


   1. Calendar review
   2. UBL 0.8 review cycle
   3. F2F LSC meeting in Montreal
   4. Possible meeting in November

Roll call ('Y' indicates attendance, '-' indicates absence)

   Meeting participants:

       Jon Bosak (UBL Liason SC chair)                Y
       Anne Hendry (Secretary)                        Y


             Mark Crawford (UN/CEFACT ATG and X12)    Y
             Suresh Damodaran (RosettaNet)            -
             Bill French (EIDX)                       Y
             John Hervey (NACS)                       -
             Doug Jones (RosettaNet BARD)             -
             Kris Ketels (SWIFT)                      -
             Ram Kumar (OASIS CIQ TC)                 -
             Thomas Lee (ebXML Asia)                  -
             Richard Mader (ARTS)                     -
             Tim McGrath (UBL LCSC Chair)             Y
             Dave Nurse (HL7)                         -
             Garret Minakawa (OAG)                    Y
             Michael Nguyen (ITSC)                    -
             Sue Probert (UN/CEFACT TBG)              Y
             Jouko Salonen (OASIS eGov TC)            -
             Ray Seddigh (XBRL)                       -
             Robert Shanbaum (VCA)                    -
             Leon Shiman (UIG)                        -
             Alan Stitzer                             Y
             Nigel Wooden (ACORD)                     -


             Bill Meadows (for Suresh Damodaran)      Y
             Lisa Seaburg                             Y
   There is not a quorum present.
   Anne is taking meeting notes.

1. Calendar review

   There is a Technology Maintenance Council meeting, 8-11 Sept, Cincinnati, Ohio
   Sue and Mark will attend the ISO 154 meeting 10-12 September in Korea.
   WS Edge Conference, Santa Clara
      - Jon is on presenting at this conference on 30 September.
   California eBusiness User's group, 30 September
      - Jon is also speaking here (double booked with WS Edge)
   X12 meeting, San Diego
      - Lisa may also be attending.
   Asia Pacific OASIS Open Standards Conference, Sydney
      - Ken Holman will also attend.
   OAG quarterly meeting, Redwood Shores, California
      - Garret will be attending.
   EIDX meeting, East Coast
      - Location for this meeting is still undetermined.
   XML 2003, Philadelphia
      - Ken Holman will also attend this conference. 
   Other upcoming 2004 Conferences
      - ACORD conference, May 23 - 26, Las Vegas Dan Vint
      - XML Europe, 15-19 March 2004

2. UBL 0.80 Review cycle

   We received many valuable comments from OAG and the UK and
   Danish Governments which helped us accomplish our goals.

   There has been a concurrent internal review to produce schemas
   and instances.  This group identified many issues - quite a few
   of them overlap the issues raised by the Liaison input.
   This has led to an internal update which we have named 0.81.

3. UBL 1.0 scheduling

   We are establishing principles and practices with which to
   produce the 1.0 models.  We had been allocating a large portion
   of our time to schema production.  This is not such a significant
   step any more because it has been automated.  Now we will focus
   on building instances and forms according to the models:
   conceptual diagrams, instances, forms, example stylesheets and
   renderings all need to be done.  Hopefully we will be able to
   accomplish this by the end of October.

   Feedback from the .80 review is that without a real world implementations
   it is difficult to provide the QA to ensure the product is viable.
   Prior to anything called a 1.0 UBL OASIS standard we believe we should
   have a period of intensive real-world implementation to validate
   areas such as the effectiveness of processing, the flexibility
   of the models to integrate into other environments, etc.  We
   should be able to accomplish this with a two-month implementation
   review cycle.

   Tim stated that UBL 1.0 must be a quality product, irrespective
   of external factors.

   Mark raised a concern about the length of time before release.

4. Progress with UN/CEFACT discussions

   Jon is working out more detailed language for our response to the
   most recent proposal from UN/CEFACT.

5. Status report on code lists

   We have made a significant amount of progress in defining how we want
   to implement code list support.  We believe this will be very important
   to other organizations.  We are writing a specification for use by
   other organizations when implemeting code lists for UBL.

6. UBL TC meeting schedule

   There are several additions still to be made to complete the original
   vision (16 document types, full Context Methodology, etc).  We should
   clarify the 1.0 release plan first before moving on to this new work.

   There are several meeting location options forthe next meeting.
   Jon will send out options via email to get feedback and a decision.

   We are continuing these monthly Liaison meetings.  The next meeting
   will be September 8, at 8:00 am california, 11:00 pm Perth, 12:00 Seoul.
7. Other business


8. Adjourn:  17:20 GMT

Action Items
20030730-01: Lisa contact Dave Nurse and/or Todd Freter about representation
             at HL7 conference 7-12 September.
20030730-02: Sue/Mark follow up with our message to CEFACT.
20030730-03: Anne ping Chee-Kai to see if he can attend OASIS Hong Kong conference.
20030730-04: Tim see if we can get into Asia XML meeting in Seoul, 6-7 October.


Title: UBL Event Calendar

UBL Event Calendar

Last updated 8 September 2003



UBL Representation

4-8 August 2003

Extreme Markup, Montréal


12-14 August 2003

OAG quarterly meeting, Detroit, Michigan

Garret Minakawa

12-15 August 2003

EIDX/CompTIA meeting, Mariott San Diego

Jon Bosak

7-12 September 2003
HL7 Working Group meeting, Memphis
8-11 September 2003
Technology Maintenance Council, Cincinnati, Ohio
10-12 September 2003
ISO TC 154 Meeting, Korea
Sue Probert, Mark Crawford

15-19 September 2003

UN/CEFACT Forum meeting, Seoul

Sue Probert, Mark Crawford

22-23 September 2003

OASIS NII Asian Tour, Taipei, Taiwan

Mark Crawford, Suresh Damodaran, Monica Martin

24-26 September 2003

OASIS Asian Tour, Hong Kong


30 September 2003
California eBusiness Users Group
Jon Bosak

30 September - 2 October 2003

WS Edge Confernece, Santa Clara

Jon Bosak

28 Sep - 3 Oct 2003

X12 meeting, San Diego

Mark Crawford

1-3 Oct 2003

Asia Pacific OASIS Open Standards Conference, Sydney

Tim McGrath,
Patrick Gannon,
Ken Holman

6-7 Oct 2003

Asia XML meeting, Seoul


28 Oct - 30 Oct 2003

OAG quarterly meeting, Redwood Shores, California

Garret Minakawa

3-7 November
UBL Plenary Meeting, Menlo Park, California
UBL TC Members

November 2003

EIDX meeting, East Coast (TBD)


7-12 December 2003

XML 2003, Philadelphia

Mark Crawford, Ken Holman

1-6 February 2004

X12 meeting, Seattle

15-19 March 2004
XML Europe 2004
23-26 May 2004
ACORD Conference, Las Vegas
Dan Vint

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