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Subject: Re: Move next UBL Liaison SC meeting to Washington F2F?

Yes, the Liaison SC meeting during the Washington F2F will be a
combination in-person meeting and phone conference.  All the
liaisons actually present in Washington will meet in person, and
everyone else can phone in.

Let's go ahead and skip the phone conference scheduled for Monday
morning (California time) Monday 9 February.  I will set a time
for the combined F2F/phone meeting the week of 23 February when we
put together the detailed meeting agenda a few days from now.


   Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2004 16:02:22 -0500
   From: "Grossman, Beth" <BGROSSMAN@acord.org>
   Cc: <leon@shiman.com>, <robert.shanbaum@gerbercoburn.com>,
	   <charliem22@yahoo.com>, "Chumbley, Lloyd" <LChumbley@acord.org>,
	   "Vint, Dan" <Dvint@acord.org>, <walter@hamscher.com>,
	   <stk@finansraadet.dk>, <jim.wilson@kcx.com>

   Will you have a call in option during the DC meeting?

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   Subject: Move next UBL Liaison SC meeting to Washington F2F?

   Hello UBL Liaisons,

   At our conference call 12 January we said that we might cancel our
   regularly scheduled call 9 February because we will be calling
   again during the UBL TC meeting in Washington 23-27 February.  I
   don't know of any compelling reason why we can't simply wait till
   Washington.  Does anyone see a problem with skipping the call 9


   Correspondents: Please be aware that I am traveling in Europe
   19 January through 6 February and will therefore be slow in
   accessing and responding to email.

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