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Subject: [ubl-msc] Conferences in Asia Pacific

Marketing SC,

I agreed in our meeting last week to check on venues for UBL
presentations at conferences this year in Asia/Pacific.  I haven't
found much so far.  The clearest opportunity comes late in the
year, but we should start planning on having someone there if

   XML Asia Pacific 2002: 11-14 November 2002 in Sydney

This is an IDEAlliance (GCA) event, like XML Europe and the big
annual U. S. XML conference.  Our contact is the conference chair,
Nick Carr <ncc@allette.com.au>.  Nick has indicated that he would
be happy to put UBL on the conference program.

Another event (courtesy Dee Schur of OASIS) is 16-19 April in
Korea.  There's no URL for this, but here's what Dee sent me:

   1. From : The Secretariat of KIECO 2002 & MULTIMEDIA Seoul
	      Event Projecting Bureau, The Korea Economic Daily
	      441, Chunglim-Dong, Chung-Gu, Seoul, Korea
	      Tel : 822-360-4500, 4515~7   Fax : 822-360-4503

      21st Korea Int'l Exhibition for Computers, Software and
      Mobile Communications(KIECO 2002) will be presented by the
      Korea Economic Daily at Convention & Exhibition (COEX) in
      Seoul, Korea for four days from Apr. 16 through Apr. 19,
      2002.  KIECO 2002 is the only specialized event designed for
      those who are eager to explore the ample market by investing
      your technology and solution to fuel Korea Information
      Technology market. NO URL

Here are some others from Dee:

   2. Infoworld 2002 in Seoul, Korea, 26 February through 1 March
      2002 (consisting of IT Korea plus Expo Comm Korea):


   3. Comdex China 2002 in Beijing, China, 17-20 April 2002:


There was a major conference called ComNet Shenzhen in November,
but I don't see a notice for this year yet:

   4. http://www.comnetshenzhen.com.cn/comneten.htm

The same organizers (several ministries of the PRC) also appear to
have organized another interesting conference last October in
Shenzhen called "Digital Economy Summit":

   5. http://www.comnetshenzhen.com.cn/comneten.htm

It seems likely that one or both of these events will be repeated
next fall; we should think about contacting the organizers for
early information.

Question for our new Asian Liaison Officer: do any of these look
like possibilities?


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