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Subject: Re: [ubl-msc] Conferences in Asia Pacific

Thank you both, Jon (especially) and Kurt, for the input.

>  [Jon] Question for our new Asian Liaison Officer: do any of these look like possibilities?

[PPY]  I am still in the process of "exploring", with a aim to arriving at a viable strategy. As
discussed, my tendency is to go "top-down". I'll probably start from places where I am well
connected. Therefore, I would request that you guys continue to channel me inputs, but allow me
some time to get back with a comprehensive plan, which I promise to run by all of you before I take
any action.

Having said that, my immediate reaction to the input received so far (of course, this only
represent my *personal* plans of action)--

(a)  Hong Kong - Project Phoenix/Patrick Yee - I'll definitely follow up and try to pursue.
(b)  Sydney / Nov.2002 - XML Asia Pacific - not for me personally (I haven't even been to Australia
myself before), but I'm supportive of the UBL TC delegating someone else if enough people feel
strongly about our being present there.
(c)  Seoul / April 2002 - KIECO 2002 - probably not (I'll probably work on S Korea after I get
slightly better established at one or two strongholds elsewhere in Asia.)
(d)  Seoul / Feb-Mar.2002 - Infoworld 2002 - no (too near; also same rational as (c) above.)
(e)  Beijing / April 2002 - Comdex China 2002 - probably not; I'll look further into this though as
the venue is right (it is doubtful whether we could get into the program this late in the game)
(f)  Shenzhen / Oct-Nov.2002 - ComNet; Digital Economy Summit - interesting; I'll look further into
this; venue is not ideal, but timing is much better.
(g)  Singapore / May 2002 - Open Publish AP 2002 - probably not (too near - today is deadline to
submit, and this is probably not the most appropriate forum to pitch UBL)
(h)  Sydney / Jul.2002 - Open Publish AP 2002 - no (for reasons same as (g) & (b) above)


Kurt Conrad wrote Thu, 31 Jan 2002 12:54:33 -0800:

> Jon, et. al.,
> I recently received the following that might also be of interest.
> /s/ kwc 2002.01.31 12:54
>> Delivered-To: conrad@mail.petesbox.net
>> Date: 25 Jan 2002 05:08:48 -0000
>> To: List Member <conrad@sagebrushgroup.com>
>> Reply-To: XMLeBusinessAsia-feedback-17@lb.bcentral.com
>> From: "Open Conferences" <OpenConferences@lb.bcentral.com>
>> Subject: Open Publish 2002 - Call for Papers
>>                         Open Publish Asia Pacific 2002 Singapore ~ Sydney
>> LinksCall for Papers Now Open Key Dates
>> Home
>> .. [snip] ...
> ___________________________________________________________________
> Kurt Conrad
> 2994 Salem Dr.                     408-247-0454
> Santa Clara, CA 95051-5502         408-247-0457 (data/fax)
> http://www.SagebrushGroup.com      mailto:conrad@SagebrushGroup.com

Jon Bosak wrote Thu, 31 Jan 2002 12:17:53 -0800 (PST):

> Marketing SC,
> I agreed in our meeting last week to check on venues for UBL
> presentations at conferences this year in Asia/Pacific.  I haven't
> found much so far.  The clearest opportunity comes late in the
> year, but we should start planning on having someone there if
> possible:
>    XML Asia Pacific 2002: 11-14 November 2002 in Sydney
> ... [snip] ...
> Question for our new Asian Liaison Officer: do any of these look
> like possibilities?
> Jon

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