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ubl-ndrsc-chair message

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Subject: Patrick Garvey Requests Membership in UBL Naming and Design Rules SC

Patrick Garvey of Center for Document Engineering wishes to join UBL Naming and Design Rules SC. He or she is eligible for membership based on membership rules for this group.

Please visit http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/ubl/ubl-ndrsc/manage/pending_request.php to evaluate this request and to see all of the other pending requests to join this group.

Additional information entered by Patrick Garvey in support of his/her application:

Hi. I was a student of Bob Glushko last year at UC Berkeley and the Center for Document Engineering. I've used UBL extensively over the last year both at UCB and at my current position. Currently I'm working on a UBL based vocabulary for services procurement. I feel that as a user of UBL for building applications I can bring a good perspective to this committee.

Thank you,

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