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Subject: [ubl-ndrsc] Minutes for UBL Naming and Design Rules meeting 7 November2001

Please review these minutes and bring up any problems on the list before 
our next meeting on 14 November.  BTW, I will be forwarding our minutes to 
the whole ubl list so that they stay in touch with what we're doing.

1. Roll call (quorum is 8)

    Bill Burcham         YES
    Doug Bunting         YES
    Dave Carlson         YES
    Matt Gertner         YES
    Mark Crawford        YES
    Jack Gager
    Arofan Gregory       YES (joined at x:18)
    Eduardo Gutentag
    Eve Maler            YES
    Dale McKay           YES
    Sue Probert
    Marion Royal
    Kelly Schwarzhoff
    Gunther Stuhec       YES
    Mike Rawlins

    Quorum reached by x:12

2. Acceptance of minutes of 30 October - 1 November 2001 meeting:


3. Adoption of today's agenda

    We agreed to drop the "discuss issues" agenda item formally, though we
    may discuss it briefly in a "meta" fashion.

4. Review and develop our issue outline in light of the analysis inputs;
    I think we're going to want to number our issues for easy reference

    We agreed that it's a good approach to use all of our analysis inputs
    to form a master outline (and Mark has the perfect history to do this!).
    We also agreed to populate the outline, where possible, with answers
    that other groups have come up with.

    When Mark presents us with a draft populated outline, we will review
    it at that point.

    We discussed how position papers should be marked up.  Vanilla Word,
    plain text, and vanilla HTML are okay, with Word preferred by Mark.
    Only .JPG and .GIF graphics should be produced.

    ACTION: Mark to deliver the draft by Monday COB.

    ACTION: Mark to send out a Word template for champions to use.

    ACTION: Eve to create NDR SC web page with analysis inputs linked by
    Friday COB.

5. Prioritize the issues that we need to resolve by December 10

    Subsetting XSD is probably the thing that is most needed, so that
    vendors can determine as soon as possible what they need to support.
    In some cases, we may need a feature so badly that spotty vendor
    support won't stop our recommending this, so this will clue them in
    to work on supporting it.  In other cases, if leading vendors support
    a feature but others don't, and we decide it's worth the risk to
    recommend it, smaller vendors will be on notice.

    Here are the XSD parsers we will pay attention to and the people who
    will run test cases:

    Top tier (feature support matters to us):

      Xerces-J (leading in XSD support): Arofan/Kelly
      Xerces-C++ (lagging a bit): Dave
      XML Spy: Gunther
      Tibco Extensibility (high price, instability, and lack of features
        mean that we can live with lack of support of this one alone):

    Second tier (we'll check as we have time, and sometimes these are
    the only ones that implement a certain feature):

      W3C XSV (not production quality, but usually most conforming):
        Arofan or Dave
      IBM Alphaworks XML Schema Checker (not production quality)

    We will put future versions of Apache Crimson and MSXML on a "tools
    to watch" list.  The champion of any one issue will be responsible
    for creating or finding a test file.

    ACTION: Eve to pursue the question of the XSD conformance suite with
    Kohsuke Kawaguchi.

    ACTION: Eve to determine whether there are plans to make Crimson
    handle XSD.

    ACTION: Doug to look into whether we should add MSXML to our list.

    ACTION: Eve to locate the W3C/Microsoft validation effort and send
    a link to the list.

    We also think that the customization strategy needs to be decided
    as soon as possible, so that the Library Content and Context
    Methodology SCs aren't blocked.

6. Discuss issues (might need to change this list if our prioritizing
    exercise gives us different results or if position papers aren't

    - Modularization/namespaces/versioning
    - Local vs. global elements
    - Elements vs. attributes

    We deferred this item.

7. Next steps

    Next week we will review the draft outline in detail, prioritize in
    detail, and hopefully begin discussing the position papers we have in

8. Adjourn

    Adjourned at y:05.
Eve Maler                                    +1 781 442 3190
Sun Microsystems XML Technology Center   eve.maler @ sun.com

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