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Subject: [ubl-ndrsc] Generic use case

Here's a pretty generic high level use case:

    Initial DD42 Schema Development
    Develop W3C XML Schema to define class of instance documents which will
    functionally replace on existing paper document, the DD42.
    This is a particular version of the DD42.
    1. 'Have existing paper-based design documents.
    2. 'Have access to people who know how the paper document is actually
    1. Build a graphical Semantic Diagram (UML class diagram) model of the
       paper DD42.
    2. Circulate it among actual users of the paper document and add all of
       non-standard usages, quirks, and imponderables they raise to the
    3. Decide which variations thus uncovered will be supported in detail by
       the electronic version of the document, and which will have to go in
       comments field or some-such.
    4. Generate a corrected graphical Semantic Diagram model of the paper
       document as it is actually used.
    5. Compare data component requirements shown by Semantic Diagram, with
CC catalog.
    6. Construct any new CC's which are required
    7. Build a graphical Schema Diagram (UML class diagram) model for the
    8. Build an actual DD42 schema from the Schema diagram.
    9. Propose new CC's to CC gods, as necessary

Dale R McKay, PhD
A Northrop Grumman Company
4010 Sorrento Valley Boulevard
San Diego CA 92121

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