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ubl-ndrsc message

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Subject: RE: [ubl-lcsc][ubl-ndrsc] Initial Party Draft Schemas


Attached is a zip file with a small example for the face-to-face, of schemas
for PartyDetails and an HTML rendering of them. 

Please note that this is a rough draft for discussion only, and does not
reflect the sentiments of the library committee as a whole. It is an aid to
discussion, and to serve as a point for review. It is not even complete, but
reflects what I was able to get done before the face-to-face following some
discussions with Tim and Lisa.

Please forgive any infelicities I may have committed in the half-crazed
jotting of comments/notes in the text. No offense is intended, but too much
coffee and too little sleep can make you a bit more direct, and a bit less
sane, than you might otherwise be.




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