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Subject: [ubl-ndrsc] We're already behind

In last week's meeting (which unfortunately I could not attend), attendees 
decided on the following schedule:

>5. Planning for March 11 deadline (till x:30)
>     - Feb 6:        Start code lists, start elements vs. attributes
>     - Feb 7-13:     Finish tag structure/data dictionary issues and code
>                     lists
>     - Feb 14-20:    Finish elements vs. attributes and Empty Elements
>     - Feb 21-27:    extension and MODNAMVER and Top Level Element Naming
>     - Feb 28-Mar 6: Qualified vs unqualified and Name/Type Sharing
>     - Mar 7-9:      Final NDR document/position paper edits

I note that we *cannot* finish the tag structure/data dictionary issues 
*and* code lists this week if we do not get some updated position papers.

Regarding tag structure (and global/local, which was part of that whole 
thing), it may be appropriate for Mark and, say, Bill to team up and try to 
get all the latest decisions properly documented in both the position paper 
and some appropriate NDR document sections.  Without these updated 
documents, it's as if we never decided anything at all.  It's *critical* 
that we get this stuff explained properly and quickly, or the LCSC will 
come and slit our throats in the middle of the night...  We also need a 
nice neat list of the smaller tag structure issues that need to be 
discussed, including Oxford English, delimiters, etc.  Bill, what do you 
say?  If Bill can't help out, are there others who can kick in?

Regarding code lists, Mike has asked for assistance on getting the latest 
discussion in the position paper.  Is there anyone who can help out and 
ensure that the nuances of recent discussion are structured in a way that 
helps us decide the issues?

I hope my use of asterisks above has alarmed you all sufficiently to 
encourage some action. :-)  I will try to do my best, come Tuesday morning, 
to put together an agenda that has votable issues in it, but without some 
help from champions, don't get your hopes up.  Folks, we're already 
behind.  Let's try to catch up.

Eve Maler                                    +1 781 442 3190
Sun Microsystems XML Technology Center   eve.maler @ sun.com

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